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Want to hear a Blogging Blastoff review?

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You’ve come to the right place because we’ve compiled a collection of testimonials for Blogging Blastoff from students that have already taken the course. We are so proud of our students and their success and love sharing all about it. One thing to keep in mind is that none of these students bought our courses and magically were successful. They all were dedicated to spending time learning and then used the info that we teach to create a plan, and then they worked that plan. We say over and over again that our system is not a get rich quick scheme. You really have to work it. You have to put in the time and effort to see results. You also need to have a solid plan and stay focused on following it. So keep in mind, results below are not typical.

We truly believe that everyone has something to offer the world that they can make money from and we hope that these reviews inspire and encourage you to follow your dreams

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Blogging Blastoff Review

Blogging Blastoff Review

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Blogging Blastoff Review

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We would love to share with you even more in-depth reviews of Blogging Blastoff by showing how Blogging Blastoff has helped our past students gain blogging success.

We are excited to share these Blogging Blastoff student success profiles:

Allison Radkay, of!

Allison took our 5-day course and then the 30-Day Blogging Blastoff course shortly after in April of 2018. On the very same day that she started the course, she also launched her new blog, so that she could try to apply each day’s course work to her newly launched site.

One of Allison’s favorite parts of the course was how it was broken down to one day at a time. This was nice because if she ever missed a day, she could always catch up and get back on track. More importantly for Allison, however, was that the course didn’t allow her to skip ahead. She’s the first to admit that she has a tendency to blow through things in her excitement, but this format really forced her to slow down and give each day’s information/assignments the attention they deserved.

As Allison went through the course, she set reminders on her Google Calendar to revisit different topics and strategies on a weekly basis so she didn’t let anything get lost in the sea of information. 

Now for the specifics…At the time of sending in her success story, Allison was only 4 months into her blog being live.

  • At that point, she had already made more than $500 in just AD income from her site.
  • She had over 2,300 followers in Pinterest, with one of her pins (Meal Prep Like a Pro) being shared over 48,000 times on social media!
  • Her page views were nearly 50,000 for the previous month
  • She’s made income from Amazon Affiliates in only 10 days of using the links.
  • Her email subscription list is growing rapidly each week

In addition to working on building up her social media pages/numbers, Allison is now ready to really start pushing for comped/sponsored travel. She plans on enrolling in our Travel Blogging Blastoff course soon!

Overall, Allison is doing all the right things and putting in the necessary work to make her blog a great success. She is applying what she learned in our course and it shows in her numbers and monetary results.

Allison’s goal is to eventually exceed her previous full-time income and have the freedom to travel. She told us that with the help & support of the course and Facebook group, she knows this will be achievable.  We are super excited to see where blogging takes Allison and her family!

Lisa Santangelo, of!

Lisa and her family love all things travel, food, fun, and living life to the fullest. The reason she created a blog was to have a place to share family travel tips, inspiring others to dream, and just the reality of a chaotic family life!

Lisa took the 5-Day Email Crash course in April of 2017. As a result, she was able to set up her blog and get the ball rolling! Lisa then took our very first Blogging Blastoff course offered in July of 2017. She also went on to take the Travel Blogging Blastoff Fast Track.

She has been a part of our Start A Money Making Blog Facebook group since the early days and has stuck around because she loves the support and feedback she gets. She has told us that the amount of information she has taken from our courses would have taken her years to learn by herself. 

Some of the companies that Lisa has had the chance to work with are Dannon Yogurt, Amazon, Ling Ling Asian Kitchen, Budweiser, Blue Man Group, Hood, Proctor & Gamble, Hefty, Star Market/Shaws Supermarket, Plackers, Uncle Ben’s, Cooking Light Diet, and many more!

She has been featured in Scary Mommy, Rugby Online, Psychology Today, and soon to be on That’s Inappropriate.

She has also had the opportunity to attend many events like grand openings, movie screenings, auto shows, cooking events, magic shows, and more! 

Lisa recently worked with the Cape Cod Chamber of Commerce for a hosted resort stay & activities for the weekend.  More travel is planned for 2019 with a 2-week road trip in California.  She’s secured multiple comped hotel stays and activities at places including Disneyland, SeaWorld, and LEGOLAND. 

We are excited for Lisa and all of her success with her blog so far! We also know that it is just the beginning and we can’t wait to see where else her blogging journey takes her!

 Arianny Rodriguez of!

Arianny’s story is one of our favorites because she has taken ALL of our courses! 

Arianny began by taking the 5-Day Email Crash course to get her blog started.  Knowing that she wanted all the information she could get to make her blog a success, she signed up for the 30-Day Blogging Blastoff Course in April of 2018, and then jumped right into the Travel Blogging Fast Track in May.

At the time of sending us her story, Arianny was taking the initial steps of reaching out to PR companies/reps, Travel Bureaus, hotels, and resorts.

As an NYC resident, she has been invited to attend a new attraction in Time Square with her family (for free of course!), attend a press luncheon for a new travel website, and even was invited to meet a celebrity chef in his kitchen.

Most recently, Arianny was able to land a spot with a luxury tour service in NYC for her and her husband. The luxury culinary experience took them to 3 Michelin star restaurants that provided exceptional food and wine pairings, a special access tour at each of the restaurants, and a black car service around NYC!

She also landed a trip for her and her family for a weekend at Hershey Park with media rate hotel rooms and comped tickets to the amusement park.  

These opportunities all came about because she learned the importance of joining PR lists, making connections, and pitching to brands/businesses by taking the Travel Blogging Fast Track.

Arianny also received a comped stay for her and her family at an all-inclusive resort when a visitor bureau reached out to her directly.  In addition to the stay, her family is receiving comped meals & activities.  The fun’s just beginning!  After sharing a post on a local amusement park, she was offered an ambassadorship including multiple visits, hotel stays, and more! 

When asked what she thinks people considering taking one of our courses should know, she said “Since both of these courses are so well rounded in what they teach, I feel extremely comfortable that I have more than enough information to start with. As of yesterday, I went from a demanding full-time job, to an easier part-time job so that I can focus more on my blog. Eventually, I will do this full-time. I’m looking forward to the little things like being able to take my kids to school!”

I am sure we will hear more great stories about Arianny’s adventures in NYC and beyond!

Laura Gariepy of!

Laura started like many with the 5 Day Email Crash Course and then signed up for the Blogging Blastoff (then called the Blogging Fast Track).  She shared that her favorite elements of the Blogging Blastoff course were the solid introduction to key blogging concepts and being able to go back to reference the material for years.

With such a comprehensive course, you too may find layers of learning after each pass through the material.  One of our favorite things is that our students can keep going back through the material again and again! 

Her success includes paid writing opportunities and putting the lessons on multiple streams of income to work!  

She’s currently writing for her own site, plus accepting freelance clients.

In addition, Laura has been featured on a wide variety of financial sites.  She’s capitalizing on the momentum this has brought and reaching her goals.

Laura said, “I have gained the confidence to know that I can support my family from my laptop– no matter where I am.”  

Being home has allowed her to care for her family by the lake, and not in a cubicle.  “Being able to work by my lake, on a flexible schedule and on things that really make my heart sing is absolutely priceless!

Melanie Walsh from!

She has been blogging as a hobby for years, but never imagined that sharing her family’s adventures could turn into a career.  That is until the Blogging Blastoff!

Melanie said, “In July of 2017, I took the initial Blogging Blastoff course (then called Blogging Fast Track).  Having worked with other bloggers in the past, I knew a thing or two about the field. But the course provided so much insight into the business aspects.  The life I had dreamed for myself and my family was possible and, thanks to the course, I knew how to obtain it.”

Now she blogs about crafting memories through local travel, crafts, and recipes.  

She said, “I can’t believe I get paid to do this!”

After taking the Blogging Blastoff, Melanie has secured several brand ambassadorships and is a regular contributor to Anaheim’s Convention and Visitor Bureau website.  

Her favorite ambassadorship has been working for a local theme park Knott’s Berry Farm, sharing insight with locals and tourists. Writing about her family’s experiences on her website has increased blog traffic 318%, plus writing on has given her the recognition to partner with other destinations.

Each month her blog grows and her dreams for her family become clearer.  

We can’t wait to see where blogging takes Melanie and her family!

Sister blogging duo, Nicolette and Cami, of!

Together, Nic and Cam write about travel, homeschooling, and lifestyle topics. They both live in different areas around Southern California, and love working together putting out blog content!

Many of our students come to us completely new to blogging, but Nic and Cam actually already had their blog set up for a year before they found our Facebook group and 5-Day Email Crash Course. Just days after taking the crash course, they enrolled in the September 2017 Blogging Blastoff Course because they knew the information would be invaluable to take their blog to the next level.

Nicolette made an excellent point in saying that they might have eventually been able to find out what they needed to know to take their blog to the next level….”But If you don’t know what you’re looking for to begin with, you’re already behind the curve. This course laid it all out for us! It also amazes us that the Reeses, with their current measure of success, respond personally to inquiries and questions. The level of support (before, during, and after the course) is priceless!”

Let’s talk about Nic and Cam’s successes since taking the Blogging Blastoff Course! 

Less than one month after completing the course, they booked their first sponsored social media sharing opportunity.  Within three months, they completed their first sponsored blog post. Within six months, Nic was contacted by her favorite homeschool curriculum company and offered a one-year brand ambassadorship! And that is just the beginning.

They’ve also had some success with the Blogging Blastoff affiliate program, earning commissions by telling others about our course.

Nic could not wait for the Travel Blogging Blastoff course to be available. She was one of the first to enroll in November 2017 and was actually the first one to finish the course!

Nic’s blog posts about her sun sensitivity struck a chord with their readers. Prior to a Hawaiian vacation earlier this year, Nic reached out to her #1 favorite sun protection clothing company and pitched an idea. They responded by sending several (expensive) products for Nic to wear in Hawaii to help protect her from the tropical sun! Nic’s family also received free admission to a theme park on Oahu during that same trip.

Cam wrote a blog post reviewing a company she loves and their excellent customer service. Writing about this company was an untapped market on the web (it’s doing really well SEO wise) and she has now maxed out their affiliate program. After some negotiating, Cam is now enjoying a unique affiliate relationship with the company.

Another really exciting venture they’ve launched since taking our courses is a Semi-Budget Travel Planning course to help others plan fabulous budget-friendly experiences all over the world. 

They are continuing to book sponsored posts for travel and lifestyle posts, while also increasing their social media numbers substantially, surpassing their goals faster than expected. (Like reaching 10K followers on Instagram!)

Marianne’s Blackham of Luxe With Me!

Marianne started her travel blog and then quickly realized she needed a little extra help to learn how to make her vision a reality. She knew she wanted to feature luxury travel on her new site, but figuring out HOW to get those trips sponsored was her main problem!

Fortunately, she discovered our Travel Blogging Fast Track Course only a week or two after starting her blog and immediately found it was well worth the investment.

Marianne was able to move through the course quickly while simultaneously designing her website and working on growing her social media following.

Very soon after getting started, she started pitching Visitors Bureaus. Even though she was new to blogging, she was confident she would be successful based on the knowledge she received from the Travel Blogging Blastoff course.  

One of the offers she received was from Charleston, South Carolina’s Visitors Bureau. They offered her a handful of comped activities that aligned well with her vision for her blog.

Next up, she reached out to Airbnb and was able to secure a luxury place to stay in Charleston. This was a perfect opportunity for her new luxury travel blog!

Here’s what Marianne had to say about the course:

“I loved everything about the course so I will just say that I love how you pretty much laid out a guaranteed blueprint to follow.  It would have taken me far longer on my own to get comped travels. I even use your script tweaked to fit my situation.”

We are so excited about Marianne’s success so soon in her blogging career, and look forward to hearing more about her success as she continues pitching and traveling!




Jennifer Salsich of!

Jenn had a long-time dream of starting her own blogging business, but even after lots of research, never felt comfortable pulling the trigger. That is until she came across the 5-Day Email Crash course and once that was complete, she never looked back!

Jenn officially started her blog through our link in September of 2017. She worked diligently on getting her site set up and lots of content ready before she launched. She was pleased to find that we were happy to answer any questions she had along the way.

Once she realized how much there still was to learn, she decided to use some birthday money and invest in the future of her business by enrolling in the Blogging Blastoff course.

Based on the information she learned and confidence she gained from the course, she was able to make the money back (and then some) the month after taking the course.

On the first day of the course, we ask our students to make goals for their business. Jenn’s goals were to hit $1000 a month by 1 year and have 100k total views by then.

When she closed in on her 1st year in September of this year, she had 120k views and had booked over $10k in sponsored work.

The best parts of the course for Jenn were the help with pitch back emails and the goal setting. Her confidence in these two details skyrocketed after taking the course and now she sets goals monthly to keep herself moving forward. Her monetization plan was fragmented before taking the course, but once she put a plan in place, she realized the sky’s the limit.

Now, Jenn works full time on her blog, roughly 50 hours a week. She also works as a virtual assistant, and it’s no easy feat with a family and household to take care of. But because of her success, she gets to stay home with her 3 kids and enjoy every moment of it.

Here’s what Jenn has to say to people considering taking the course:
“My best advice to anyone curious about blogging is this… if you want to run your own business, inspire others, and work from home, blogging is a terrific option. It is far from easy, it’s time consuming, humbling and requires an incredible level of resilience. However, if you want this and are willing to work… it’s one of the only jobs I know that has no limit to your success. If you want this to be your job… invest in yourself and take this course. It will change your life.”  

Emily Jones of!

Emily took our 5-day email crash course about a year ago, and started her family and travel blog, Henry and Andrew’s Guide, at the same time.

She signed up for the Blogging Blastoff course to lay the groundwork for her site. Not long after, she also purchased the Travel Blogging Blastoff to really take the travel aspect of her blog to the next level.

Since beginning the courses, Emily’s blog has been featured on websites like Fashion Beans, SheKnows,, and The Lonely Planet. She has received nothing but rave reviews from those shares with lots of “likes” and positive comments.

Emily and her family have received travel perks like hotel stays, Airbnb discounts, a scooter, wine glasses, luggage, museum admissions, sleeping bags, and so much more! She’s also earning income through Amazon and Hotels Combined. She is making plans for much more where that came from in terms of affiliate monetization.

One thing Emily loves the most about the courses is that she can take them at her own pace, and can always refer back to them along the way. She has enjoyed being able to take her time to give each assignment her full attention. She intends to keep creating great content for her readers as she works on the course and monetizing her blog.

It thrills us that Emily took the instruction in the course and ran with it to create her own successful blog.

Josh and Jess Boyce of Mindful Money Habits!

Josh and Jess started their blog once they realized they had a lot of great information to share with readers on how to pay off debt. Neither of them really wanted a typical 9-5 type of job, so blogging seemed like a great fit!

They got started in March of 2018 and, after taking the 5-Day Email Crash Course, quickly realized their goal of monetizing their blog was even more feasible than they could have imagined! While the money-making options were swirling around in their heads, they decided to first focus on quality content. At the same time, they began participating in the 10K Challenges which helped build traffic and connect with other bloggers.

In July 2018, they decided they were ready to GO FOR IT and joined the Blogging Blastoff Course. They are both extremely pleased with the amount of information they were able to take from the course.

Perhaps most notable, the course has taught them the importance of putting themselves out there, and not being afraid to ask brands to collaborate. After learning about putting themselves out there, they posted something on Instagram and tagged the company they were posting about. That company wrote a story about Josh and Jess which ended up getting a ton of traction from many other companies. They even ended up on the homepage of MSN and USA Today!

Because of this awesome press, their site traffic went from 40 visitors/ day to almost 5,000!

Josh and Jess learned that putting themselves out there can give their site more credibility and traffic, while also giving them a major boost in confidence! They will continue to do so because they know the sky’s the limit!

Stacey Billingsley of Love Laughter and Luggage!

Stacey started her blog in April of 2017 with the help of the 5 Day Start Your Blog Crash Course. She had already been writing trip reviews in forums and had often thought about starting her own blog, but the stars aligned and she decided to go for it.

Since she has interests in both lifestyle and travel blogging, Stacey took the Blogging Blastoff Course as well as the Travel Blogging Blastoff Course. 

Since taking the courses, she has had many paid sponsored posts as well as sponsored travel.

For example, last summer, she had five sponsored posts for attractions in Branson, Missouri.  She also lined up three free nights with Holiday Inn for some beach photos on Instagram.

A couple of months ago she also worked with Visit KC and Westin to promote Kansas City.

Her favorite sponsored post opportunity was when she worked with a major tire manufacturer who paid her $700 for the blog post and gave her 4 new tires!

She loved both courses because they pushed her out of her comfort zone a little to pursue more videos, taught her more of the business side of blogging, and gave her examples on how to reach out to destinations, brands, and companies.

For Stacey, the best part about the courses was that she feels they gave her a major boost in the learning curve of blogging. Rather than having to guess and troubleshoot, the answers were right there for her. Plus she loves the support of our Facebook groups and still participates in weekly share threads. 

“The course certainly showed me some areas I needed to work on and think about so I could make smart decisions.  Without the course, some of those things wouldn’t have occurred to me.  I would’ve figured it out much later.  The course definitely gives you a boost ahead of people who haven’t taken the course.  It’s like having experience in blogging when you really haven’t yet.”

We’re so proud of what Stacey has accomplished so far and we are so excited to see where her blogging career will take her!

Jackie Charlebois, of Wanderful Memories!

Jackie took the Travel Blogging Fast Track Course and made her site live a little over a month ago and she is already racking up the sponsored blog posts!

Jackie and her family (of 7!!) were able to spend a day at a local family resort, trying out their play area (this included bowling, laser tag, bumper cars, a waterpark, and more!) free of charge!

Additionally, Jackie’s family celebrated a birthday at a local trampoline park for free, in exchange for an awesome post and video!

While Jackie has her eyes on paid sponsored posts, these free activities for her family were great practice and well worth the time it took to write the posts! 

We are super excited for Jackie because she is already doing awesome things with her new brand new website and knowledge gained from the Travel Blogging Blastoff Course!




Pam Howard of  Be Healthy Be Happy Wellness today!

Pam started out blogging about health and wellness. Recently, she decided to change her focus to travel and lifestyle. She took the Travel Blogging Blastoff course in June 2018, and has already seen a lot of success with her newfound niche!

By using the process and examples outlined in the course, Pam reached out to companies that ended up sponsoring a long list of activities for her and her family during a trip to Chicago. She was able to receive comped visits to Blue Man Group, Peter Pan at the Shakespeare Theater, Big Bus tour tickets, and a fun dinner at The SafeHouse – all in Chicago, IL.  Not only did her family have a blast on the trip, but it also made for a great series of blog posts that have had quite a bit of engagement and gave her momentum to keep at it!

Using those Chicago posts as examples, she continues to reach out to visitor bureaus in other cities and has been able to land comped hotel rooms, as well as tickets and gift cards for things to do and local restaurants in the area.

As you can imagine, this is huge for Pam and her family! It defrays travel costs, ensures a fun time, AND gives her more topics to blog about. It’s a snowball effect, and it all started with the Travel Blogging Blastoff Course.  

Pam found the examples of how exactly to ask for comped travel, and how to follow up to be especially useful. The responses she gets from companies are always appreciative and positive.

In addition to landing some great travel activities, her page views and traffic for social media are increasing exponentially. Within just a couple of months after taking the course, Pam has already made her money back (plus some) and is having FUN doing it! What more could you ask for!?




Rebecca Johnston of!

Rebecca is the proud “Blogger in Chief” at Devour Dinner. Devour Dinner aims to answer the age-old, most commonly asked question, “What’s for dinner?”

Rebecca launched her blog in November of 2017 right after taking the 5-Day Email Crash Course in October. She immediately jumped right into the 30-Day Blogging Blastoff Course in November, knowing it would help give her the jumpstart she needed with her blog. Plus, she has participated in pretty much every 10K Challenge since last November!

Based on the recommendations in the courses/challenges, she joined several Facebook Share Thread groups, building up her social media following, and had a few Pinterest Pins go viral only 3 months into her blogging career!

Since taking the course, she has been able to work on Sponsored Posts with brands like Kikkoman, M&M’s, 7up, Daisy, Smithfield Pork, Full Circle Organic Products, Food Club Products and Associated Food Stores. She’s also worked with restaurants like Texas Roadhouse and has even more lined up in the near future. Additionally, she’s done Cookbook Reviews and is starting to do more Product Reviews with companies as well.

Rebecca told us that 9 months ago, she never imagined she would be engaging with brands such as these, much less be working with them. Blogging Blastoff gave her the confidence and knowledge to make it happen.

As for the course specifically, Rebecca said that she loved the format, and how each day there was new information along with an assignment that was manageable. Being able to focus on one task daily and then building on it was extremely helpful for her. She also highly values the added support that VIP Facebook groups offer. Having a resource to turn to with questions and when seeking advice is a huge part of her personal success.

Rebecca has already accomplished so much! The momentum is only building and we can’t wait to see the success she achieves in the future.

Make sure to follow Rebecca on her blog and social media platforms to follow her success!

Autumn Boyle of Lectin Free Mama.

After being diagnosed with a debilitating chronic health condition called Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome (POTS), Autumn started her blog in June of 2017 to document her health journey.

For her, it started out as a creative outlet and release to talk about the ups and downs of dealing with her illness. Not long after starting the blog, however, she discovered the Start a Money Making Blog Facebook group and realized she could reach (and help) many more people if she took her blog from a hobby to a professional business. Her timing was perfect, because the very first Blogging Blastoff started in July of 2017, just one month after starting her blog!

Since day one of the course, she has been able to completely take her blog to the next level. Here are some examples of what she has been able to accomplish:

  • She added a lead magnet to incentivize people to sign up for her email list (a weekly meal plan consisting of her own recipes) and now has 6000 (!!!) subscribers with exclusive access to that content.
  • She chose to focus on Affiliate programs and used the strategies outlined in the course, giving her the ability to quit her part-time job, and enroll her child in part-time daycare so she could have more time to work on her blog!
  • She utilized the information in the course to establish a business entity and manage the legalities of being a business owner.
  • Despite being so successful with Affiliate programs, she is now pursuing sponsored post opportunities outlined in the course,  and utilizing the tips for “getting your name out there”.

Perhaps most notably, Autumn’s blog has become the biggest unaffiliated resource for people attempting to use the same diet she uses to REVERSE her condition. She now has nearly 60,000 unique visitors a month, many hoping for their own health success story.  She also created a Facebook community of over 5000 people who, through her blog, support each other in this emotional journey of chronic disease.

What an inspirational story! By utilizing all of the tools and concepts we teach in our group and courses, Autumn was able to be successful in making money with her blog (enough to quit her day job, in fact!). But also, she is helping thousands of people through her successful business! Talk about a win-win!

Learn more about our premium courses: Blogging Blastoff and Travel Blogging Blastoff


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Pete is a Dad of 3, travel enthusiast, and online entrepreneur who brings the adventure to our lives! He constantly encourages us to take risks and be the best we can be! He loves sharing tips to help others earn an income online so that they too can travel and spend more time with their families.


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    • Hi Jean,

      I hear you on the procrastinating. That is super common. The good news is that we have a whole VIP group for our students where everyone is super supportive. You can look at the curriculum to see all the info too! You would also have access to a WordPress pro for the technical side of things. Hope to see you in the group!

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