Blogger Success Profile – Pam Howard

We are thrilled to share the Travel Blogging Success Story of Pam Howard of  Be Healthy Be Happy Wellness today!

Pam started out blogging about health and wellness. Recently, she decided to change her focus to travel and lifestyle. She took the Travel Blogging Fast Track course in June 2018, and has already seen a lot of success with her newfound niche!

By using the process and examples outlined in the course, Pam reached out to companies that ended up sponsoring a long list of activities for her and her family during a trip to Chicago. She was able to receive comped visits to Blue Man Group, Peter Pan at the Shakespeare Theater, Big Bus tour tickets, and a fun dinner at The SafeHouse – all in Chicago, IL.  Not only did her family have a blast on the trip, it made for a great series of blog posts which have had quite a bit of engagement and gave her momentum to keep at it!

Using those Chicago posts as examples, she continues to reach out to visitor bureaus in other cities and has been able to land comped hotel rooms, as well as tickets and gift cards for things to do and local restaurants in the area.

As you can imagine, this is huge for Pam and her family! It defrays travel costs, ensures a fun time AND gives her more topics to blog about. It’s a snowball effect, and it all started with the Travel Blogging Fast Track Course.  

Pam found the examples of how exactly to ask for comped travel, and how to follow up to be especially useful. The responses she gets from companies are always appreciative and positive.

In addition to landing some great travel activities, her page views and traffic for social media are increasing exponentially. Within just a couple of months after taking the course, Pam has already made her money back (plus some) and is having FUN doing it! What more could you ask for!?

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