Blindfolded Drawing Challenge – It's a Lovely Life!
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Blindfolded Drawing Challenge

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Have you ever done a blindfolded drawing challenge? Let's just say the drawings didn't turn out as well as they hoped. Emmy and Ashley competed to see who was the best artist while blindfolded. Who do you think won the competition?

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  1. This sounds like fun. I will have to do this with my son. Who knows maybe mine will turn out better blindfolded.

  2. This video is so cute! I actually have played this before! We did it in a game called Cranium where we draw with our eyes closed and the other person guesses. It’s always hilarious!

  3. That sounds like a super fun idea, how cool is that? Super fun and talented. This is the first I heard of a blindfold drawing challenge but it seems safe, fun and more entertaining than some of the other challenges I have seen online 😉

  4. The blindfolded drawing challenge sounds like a lot of fun. It would be interesting to see how go I draw blindfolded. I will have to challenge my sons and nephews. Thanks for an awesome video too. I think Emily did better sorry Ashley.

  5. Have fun my girls always ask to do these fun challenges. I will have to show them this and see if they want to try it too, how fun!

  6. I did this once at a birthday party. It was not good lol. My pcicture turned out pretty awful, but what do you expect when you are blindfolded? I am sure they feel the same way after doing that.

  7. We have done this but not blindfolded. Instead, a paperplate was put onto of our head and we had to draw a set scene. Ie Christmas tree with ornaments, star, packages, ect. The end result was hilarious too.

  8. This is a fun idea. Our middle kids are actually pretty talented artists, so this could really challenge them.

  9. Great challenge! Blindfolds can impel team members into working together more closely – for example in blindfolds leads, a blindfolded person has to rely upon a sighted person. This is good for developing the habit of closer working relationships.

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