Best Ever Ham and Cheese Sandwiches

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The Best Ever Ham and Cheese Sandwiches are a sponsored post brought to you by Hillshire Farm Naturals™.

ham and grilled cheese

My In-Laws are big sandwich eaters so I decided to surprise them with a fun and easy spin on the original ham sandwich.

I know that the meat is the most important part of the sandwich so I used Hillshire Farm Naturals™ honey roasted ham! Hillshire Farm Naturals™ are all new and packaged in double-sealed, re-sealable tubs for maximum freshness, plus they also contain no artificial ingredients, preservatives, colors or added nitrites/nitrates. They are slow roasted and perfectly seasoned. All of that makes this new lunchmeat safe, healthy and delicious!


hillshire farm naturals ham

Hillshire Farm Naturals™ are available in four varieties.

Including the following: Slow Roasted Turkey Breast, Hardwood Smoked Turkey Breast, Honey Roasted Ham and Black Forest Ham! This sandwich would work perfectly well with any of these!

This is the perfect balance of a hot sandwich and a cold one.

The bread and a bit of the cheese have everything you love about a hot sandwich but the rest is the best parts of a cold one. Perfection!

Here is a step by step to make this Best Ever Ham and Cheese Sandwich:

how to make a ham and cheese sandwich


  • The best soft white bread you can find. I often use homemade.
  • Natural Mustard
  • Natural Provolone Cheese
  • Hillshire Farm Naturals™ honey roasted ham- I didn’t find this with the other lunch meats. It was in another section closer to the high end cheese.


  1. Put a generous amount of mustard on each slice of bread.
  2. Add 2 slices of cheese.
  3. Add 5 slices of ham.
  4. Cook on the griddle as usual but use a heavy pot to squish it down on each side as it gets nice and toasty brown and the cheese gets slightly melted.


ham and cheese

My ham and cheese sandwich took minutes to prepare and my In-Laws LOVED it! I love meals like this that use healthy high quality ingredients that everyone enjoys! You can also make these ahead and pack them in lunches. They taste great that way too!

Be sure to visit the Hillshire Farm Naturals™ website to learn more about these new products!


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