Beaches Turkes and Caicos Key West Village Photo Tour

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I am so excited to share our family vacation to Beaches, Turks & Caicos with you all. We stayed in the Key West Village and have a full tour and review for you. From the white sandy beaches to the crystal blue waters, we had an amazing time.

I attended the Social Media on the Sand Conference and as such was given a discount on our accommodations.

beaches turks caicos review

It’s been exactly a week since we returned home from our dream vacation to Beaches Turks & Caicos.

If I close my eyes I can imagine that we are still there, and trust me with all the catch-up I’ve been doing I’ve been daydreaming like that a lot! 

The Beaches Luxury All-Inclusive Resort in Turks and Caicos is just an hour and three-quarters flight from Miami.

It felt like we boarded the plane and were up in the air for mere moments and then it was time to descend for landing. I had no idea that such paradise was so close!

view key west village beaches

The resort is made up of four distinct villages. 

We had the pleasure of staying in the Key West Luxury Village. Here is a tour of our room. All of the rooms have the same feel to them although there maybe be some differences when it comes to fabrics and colors. 

Let’s get started…

Above was the view from our front balcony. We had a pool view Key West Two Story Two Bedroom Concierge Suite. If you look at this picture you will notice that we also had an ocean view from here too. Each morning before the kids woke up, Pete and I would sit out here and enjoy our coffee.

Our suite was actually more like three stories.

The ground story led right out to this pool and then you went up a flight of stairs to where the master bedroom and bath, kitchen, family room, laundry room, and dining room were. Another flight of stairs took us to the other bedroom and bathroom that the two older kids stayed in. The Little One slept on the couch/trundle bed in the family room. Our suite could have easily slept 6 people with a bed for everyone.


beaches turks and caicos

The first thing when you go up the stairs is the kitchen.

A couple of notes. The room smelled amazing. Pete has already been researching how to get the “Beaches Scent” at home. With such a high humidity level we were prepared for a musty smell. Not here. The air conditioning works really well too. I didn’t find the heat too bad on the island but I still loved coming into the room after being outside all day and having the cool air conditioning greet us. The air conditioning unit wasn’t loud at all. I had read others say it was so I was prepared for that too since I’m very sound sensitive if that is even a real thing. It was also great to be able to sleep in the cool air.

beaches key west room

This is an all-inclusive resort and you can feel it right when you get here.

The room was stocked with cold juice, beer, soda, and bottled water in the refrigerator and a counter full of liquor just waiting for us. We are not drinkers so the alcohol didn’t get any use on this trip, but the rest sure did! At least two times a day everything was refilled and restocked. We were never without refreshments.

The Little One ran straight for a soda and was so excited to show her sisters it.

The older two were more excited about the XBOX in our room. Priorities. 

turks caicos key west suite

Our room had a dining area with a view of the pool.

This is also where the first balcony was. Our room had three balconies. One off the family/dining room, one off the master bedroom {with a garden view} and another off the girl’s room on the third floor. This is where the best view of the ocean was.

turks and caicos beaches

Here is the bright and airy master bathroom. 

It had an awesome soaking tub. I love a strong shower flow and hot water and this had both. The toiletries that are provided are from their spa and they are so fragrant and work well. I wanted to bring home a year supply but then I remembered the baggage fee I’d have to pay at the airport. It was a tough decision to leave them behind.

key west village beaches

Which leads up to the master bedroom.

It was very roomy and I loved the furniture. Not pictured were the TV and closet. There was 3 TV’s total. One in each bedroom and one in the family room. The TV’s have all the normal channels you would expect and they all show the local Florida stations. I’m not sure what I was expecting, but I really liked that. Honestly, you will not be spending a lot of time in your room watching TV.. but it was nice to know it was there. We had a few moments when the phone, TV, and internet went out but since we were out and about it wasn’t a huge deal. I just reminded myself that we were on a tropical island so that is to be expected.

Starting December 2014 internet is going to be included!

For those of us with jobs that are dependent on internet access, their connection was very good. Aside from those few moments when it went down of course, but that only happened twice for a short time while we were there.

beaches key west bedroom

And here are the girl’s 3rd story bedroom with a peek at the balcony.

2 bedroom suite turks caicos

And their bathroom.

beaches turks caicos resort

Here is a view of the private villas.

They all have ocean views, Butlers, and even private pools. The style of the Key West Village is just like these villas. Very luxurious, tropical, relaxing, and comfortable. 

key west luxury beaches resort

We loved staying in the Key West Village. The quiet relaxing feel makes this the perfect spot for a truly memorable vacation. Learn more about Beaches Resorts on their website and see all the specials they are running right now!

Where do you want to go on your next vacation?


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