Be Our Guest Walt Disney World Review

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Back in May while we were at Disney World for Disney Social Media Moms we extended our stay for a couple days to explore Disney World even more!

This was the first visit to Disney World for the girls and I, but Pete has been there many times before, but his last visit was almost 20 years ago! Since moving to California (right before meeting me), he’s been converted to a Disneyland guy… 

We love Disneyland and it will always be “home” for us, but we are also now HUGE Disney World lovers too. Much like many of us on the west coast, we will be making as many trips to Orlando as we can now that we have had a taste of the Disney World fun!


Since this was our first trip to Disney World… we decided to pack in as many of the “hot” things to see and do.

A meal at “Be Our Guest” was at the top.

Our tip was only planned less than two months before we arrived so reservations were all filled. We ended up using Disney Dining Buddy to book our reservation. It’s a paid program (non-Disney) that constantly checks for available reservations and then alerts you to when one opens up. We found that quite a few dining times become available 24-48 hours before. The way that Disney World reservations work  you have to put a deposit down of $10 per person when you make the reservation and it’s refunded if you cancel 24 hours before your reservation. That’s why there are so many that open up during that time.

About 15 minutes before our reservation time we headed to the front of the castle and checked in. 

20150513_161239 A couple minutes later we were greeted and escorted into an early dinner (4:00 pm) through the beautiful wooden doors and into a cave that lead into the castle!20150513_161256 20150513_161449 20150513_16150120150513_163009 MK_BEOURGUESTCHAR_7308280392(photo compliments Disney)


Our table was waiting for us with rose folded napkins…

20150513_162109 There were not a lot of vegan or vegetarian options on the menu but we were able to put together a good meal. We’ve found that the best options for vegan and vegetarian meals is in the resort restaurants, as opposed to the restaurants in the parks… but there is always something to eat at every restaurant.

We started with salads… ranch for the vegetarians and oil and vinegar for the vegan.

I’m not a huge butter person, but this butter was the most delicious I’ve ever had. I’ve heard others mention that too!


French onion soup for the vegetarians… we were told it was a vegetable broth.

20150513_163321 20150513_164333

Fresh asparagus, couscous and french fries for the vegan and macaroni and cheese for the rest of us.


And then it was dessert time! We had heard about “the grey stuff” for a long time and we were pretty excited to try it. It’s a mix between crushed Oreos and a really fluffy frosting. It’s served on a dense chocolate cake/brownie… so good on a hot day! There was a fruit sorbet for the vegan.

20150513_171628 20150513_171819 20150513_171748

The chocolate cupcake was delicious too!


Towards the end of our meal the guest of honor BEAST arrived!

He made a grand entrance through all of the dinging rooms, and then after you are finished eating you are welcome to explore his castle a bit and have your picture taken together with him.



I would highly recommend having at least one meal at Be Our Guest. We all thought the experience was a memory maker! The food is good, but the real reason to go is the experience. Breakfast and lunch are quick service so that is a great budget friendly option to still enjoy the decor at a reduced cost. Dinner is table service. 

You can find more Be Our Guest info on the Disney World website.

Have you been to Be Our Guest?

Disney World Be Our Guest Review

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  • We have eaten there a few times. They have a completely different lunch and dinner menu and we like lunch better.

  • It looks like you had a great time and the food looks amazing. We go to Disney a couple times a year.

  • This looks like so much fun and the food looks amazing! Adding this on the list of must see for our next trip up.

  • I have been to Disneyland several times, but never to Disney World. It looks amazing!

  • What an experience! I’d love to dine there someday. The food looks really yummy especially the chocolate desserts!

  • i really want to bring my kids to Disney… so expensive to get in and foods are pretty pricey. We’re saving our money for next trip!

  • That was a nice trip you and your girls had. Thank you for the review of Be Our Guest. It really sparked my interest to experience it myself. I’ll be checking the website now.

  • Le Poisson, Oh I love Le Poisson Oopps! did I think of the wrong Disney movie? regardless I am always a big fan of Walt Disney and I would love to have a day of adventure in any enchanted castle! Now now, where did they keep that enchanted ROSE! =)

  • Oh how I’d love to be a guest! We’ve never been to any Disney park, so heading there would be amazing. The food looks just incredible! Very cool dining experience, I’d love to try!

  • I haven’t been yet but am hoping to get there this fall one of my trips! Looks like you guys had a great time!

    xo Bree

  • “the gray stuff”–that’s funny!! I love the Disney sense of humor and I’m so glad you posted about this since I didn’t even know it was available… putting it on our wish list for our next trip to WDW!!

  • Thanks for the great review. The grey stuff sounds yummy. My niece is putting on Beauty and the Beast with her dance school this weekend, so nice timing.

  • We still have tickets to Disney that we hope to use – my youngest is terrified of the place. I would love to go be a guest and see the Beauty and the Beast – that has always been my favorite movie.

  • This looks like a must do at Disney World. I would love to try the food and get to see all the characters. I will have to do this if i make it to Disney World.

  • That soup sounds like it would be good. And now you’ve got me curious about the butter, lol!

  • Wow! It sounds like you guys had a fabulous time at Be Our Guest! We also just returned from a wonderful vacation a couple of weeks ago to Disney World where we also dined at Be Our Guest, but sadly our experience was not the same. I’ve read countless reviews on how amazing this restaurant is, so I am trying to figure out where we went wrong. Like you guys, we went for lunch, but ours was what is considered quick service on the dining plan, not a table service. We were not allowed to check in early for our reservation, rather we were told we had to wait and could not check in until a maximum of 5 minutes prior to the reservation. After checking in, we still had to wait in an unnecessarily long line to order our food and find a seat. We did not get beautiful red napkins shaped like roses, and the beast did not make an appearance during the lunch service. We were told he only appears during dinner service. The rooms were very noisy and chaotic due to everyone having to seat themselves, get their own drinks and refills, and the high ceilings creating echoes. This was the reservation that I was most looking forward to, and yet we found ourselves so uncomfortable that we were barely able to make it through the meal. We’re huge fans of Disney, and we plan to go back. So, since you had such an incredible experience at Be Our Guest, do you have any suggestions on what we could do differently should we consider giving this restaurant another try?

    • Hi Stephanie,

      I’m so glad you commented. I went through my notes and I’ve edited this post. We actually had dinner. I thought it was still lunch time since we ate really early, but technically it was dinner. I think if you want the whole experience, including Beast, you have to eat during dinner hours.

  • We went to Disney World twenty years ago when we were first married. It was so much fun for us as young adults. I can imagine how much fun it’d be for our kiddos.

  • We are doing our first princess dinner at Disney for Christmas and we (my daughter and I) are so excited. She wanted to do Cinderellas castle, but I wouldve loved this. Theres something about Disney… no matter your age! Thanks for sharing.

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