Back To The Future Movie Night Party

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back to the future movie night party

It has been far too long since our last movie night!

We had them all the time last school year… but then summer came and we spent every spare moment outdoors. Now that it’s cooling off again we are ready for more nights watching some good movies together as a family.

When I saw that Back To The Future was being re-released, I knew it was the perfect time to have our next movie night.

movie night

I was so excited to share Back To The Future with my girls.

I grew up on this movie and Pete and I quote scenes from it all the time, so the girls have some idea what it was about, but they had no idea just how fun it is!

dehydrated pizza

To make this movie night even more special I decided to make some special food to enjoy that are straight out of the movie! Starting with dehydrated pizza. This one was so fun! I even had the toppings added just like in the movie!

hoverboard cupcakes

And for desert we had hoverboard cupcakes!

Since our movie nights are normally on busy weeknights I make sure that everything I serve can be easily made in just minutes. The cupcakes were bought from our local bakery and then I added cookies that had the shape of the hoverboards. These were so easy and fun to make. Emmy even joined in the fun and helped me put them together!

back to the future party

This was the easiest movie night ever. I think it took less than 10 minutes to put it all together and then it was all about some Back To The Future Fun!undefined

We talked about everything from the movie including the clock tower, to how important it was for Marty not to mess up the past… or else he could put the future in jeopardy! It really is an awesome series of movies!

back to the future pizza movie night

Be sure to buy your own 30th Anniversary re-release of the Back to the Future series! It’s available starting October 21, 2015 on physical and digital copies! The films will also receive a national theatrical re-release to help promote the 30th Anniversary, along with additional live events both from Universal and fans as well.

Cool fact – in the film Marty actually travels to October 21, 2015! That seemed so far away when I first saw the movie. I can’t believe we are already there now!

What is your favorite moment in the movie?

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  • Loved that movie. I think my favorite part is the scene in the Soda Fountain. We just recently watched the movie with our 11 year old daughters. Super fun.

  • I can’t believe we are already living in the future! What a great movie and it is fun to see how the reality of today compares the movie. Cute cupcakes!

  • I have to re-watch the movie because I don’t remember – I have such bad memory! I think my son would really enjoy it so I can definitely see us having a family movie night one of these days!

  • I LOVE Back to the Future! You really incorporated some cute themes for your movie night. Very creative. Looks like everyone had so much fun. 🙂

  • Believe it or not, this is one of those cult classics I still have never seen all the way through, just bits and pieces on TV. I think this would be a great way to remedy that!

  • What a great movie night and those Hover Board Cupcakes are kick butt! Favorite part of the movie has to be when he slaps McFly on the forehead! 😀

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