Back To School Shopping at Justice

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Schools around here are starting in the coming weeks and we already have a huge head start getting ready thanks to Justice. We had an amazing morning shopping at Justice where we were able to buy all three girls their clothes for the coming year!

back to school shopping justice


After our whirlwind trip to Ohio for our behind the scenes look at the all new Justice and their back to school line up of clothes we were all excited to visit our local store and do some shopping!


One of the challenges I face when shopping for the girls' clothes is that their ages are all spread out. With the youngest and oldest 10 years apart we have a hard time finding a store to shop in that has clothes for a 5 year old and a 15 year old. 

So when I heard that Justice was going to have clothes for “every girl, every day” I was really curious if they really would have something for everyone. We really put Justice to the test…

Shopping for Emmy was easy.20150805_092459

She walked into Justice and then ran from one sparkly top to the next.

She was in heaven. I remember when she was a baby and I took the older girls shopping there it was nearly impossible to navigate the aisles with a stroller. One of the first things I noticed during this shopping trip was how much easier it is to shop. The aisles are so much wider! And although there is still plenty of sparkle… there are also a lot of non sparkle options too!


In addition to the wider aisles, everything is so much easier to find.

Like products are all grouped together and the store flows really well. We started shopping in the front with the new back to school clothes and then worked our way through the necessities like jeans, undershirts, t-shirts, shoes and then ended in the pajamas. 20150805_09324120150805_093331The way the store is set up now makes getting everything you need so much easier and quicker. Since they are no longer offering the coupon or 40% off savings knowing what something is going to cost is also easy. The price is the price. Simple as that. The prices are straightforward and easy to understand… plus they have new “style buys” that are amazing. Like jeans for just $20. 20150805_091924

Maddie lived in these jeans when she was younger, but in the past few years she stopped buying them at Justice because she felt the store was too “young” for her and we figured she probably wouldn't fit into the clothes anymore. We were totally wrong. She decided to look at the jeans she loved so much and found that they not only had her size, but they are still some of the best fitting (and softest) around. I was thrilled that they were only $20! Once Maddie knew that the jeans were a go she started looking at some of the other things that they had and she was really impressed! 

Ashley normally wears fitness clothes. She does 2 formal workouts a day and then she also does some mini ones at home so it just makes sense that she wear workout clothes. The last time we were in Justice (before this visit) she really liked the fit of their active wear clothes, but they all said activities that she wasn't a part of, like dance or horse back riding, so she didn't end up buying anything. They've changed that. They now carry unlabeled active wear so that you can wear them for any activity. They still have the labeled ones too so gymnasts and dancers can still share their love for that, but there are more options for everyone now. “Every girl. Every day.”  Ashley also found some other clothes outside the active wear that she really liked…

Before we knew it the girls all had a whole rack of outfits picked out and ready to try on!

20150805_09262020150805_092658 20150805_093025

And now the fun really started!

I loved the little fashion show that they held for me as they tried on clothes. 

This was Emmy's absolutely favorite outfit.

She is pretty tall so it's hard to find matching pants/shirt outfits for her that fit on both parts. Justice knows that girls come in all sorts of shares and sizes so their clothes are made to make all girls feel good when they are wearing them. I loved that the shirt hangs lower on her and isn't cut real short on top.


Maddie really likes plaid and they had plenty of it.

We have a trip to London scheduled for this year so this outfit caught her eye. I love that it's really cute and still cool enough for a 15 year old to want to wear. I though the cut of the skirt and the shirt was really well done too!

This outfit was just so awesome!

Every piece of it was found and put together easily! The colors all go together so well and that is one of the reasons I love shopping here. They have everything you need to put together complete outfits. It's also a safe place to let the kids pick out their own outfits. There is nothing inappropriate for any age group. I don't have to worry about Emmy wandering over to the teen department and wanting to wear something that a five year old shouldn't wear.

20150805_095703 20150805_100401 

Emmy chose this blue outfit for her first day of school complete with the boots. She loved the boots so much that she asked if she could keep them on her night stand while she slept. 

Ashley went straight to the fitness clothes and picked this outfit out complete with the athletic shoes and socks! 


Maddie found more flannel with this shirt to go with her jeans. The undershirts match perfectly with the outer shirts too.. which makes putting together teen outfits so much easier too!


I loved this sweet outfit on Em. She saw it out of the corner of her eye and she went and got all the pieces of it by herself. Another huge benefit of shopping at Justice is that all the skirts have built in shorts. We are always running around the house trying to find the matching shorts for each skirt so this is a huge time saver for us. The girls have all worn shorts under their skirts since they were little because it is easier to play and have fun while still wearing a skirt so I think this is awesome!


Another thing we really enjoyed was that each and every piece of clothing comes in all the sizes. So if Em saw a shirt she loved and so did Ashley, they both could wear it. We tested this out with the jeans and the ice cream shirts. They all looked so cute we brought home these matching outfits for the girls!


Maddie and Ashley both loved this top… but in different colors!


And then little Em saw this dress and she had to have it! We are totally taking this with us to Florida and Turks & Caicos. It's light and breathable, but still really well constructed… all of their clothes are.


I can't forget the adorable backpacks with matching lunchboxes and water bottles. This was Em's favorite with the removable hood!

justice backpack

After everyone had all of their new clothes enjoyed a cupcake and  then it was time to head home…


And once we were home, Emmy did another fashion show for Pete and I. 


Justice is sharing tons of fun things on their social media pages too! Be sure to follow them to see it all!


Do your kids do fashions shows at home with their new clothes too?

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  1. We have a Justice in the local outlet mall in town. I laugh that I live in a rural town, but we have an outlet mall in the middle of it. My father-in-law and his wife will take kiddo to Justice and let her pick out one outfit and a pair of boots for back to school.

  2. Isn’t shopping fun? Looks like your girls had a blast shopping and modelling their outfits. 🙂 We had fun shopping for my son’s things too over the weekend.

  3. My daughter is 7 and loves Justice and great need now my 5 year can get clothes from there too!!

  4. Its totally back to school season. I dont have kids but it was definitely my favorite time of year whether I was in elementary school or college!

  5. These clothes are so cute. I hear great things about Justice and that they carry bigger sizes for the girls too. I really need to go check them out soon.

  6. Back to school shopping is always fun where you would love to buy almost everything new for your kid. Justice has some great collections for kids clothing in particular. Emmy & Maddie looks cute in those outfits. Would love to check these out for my kids.

  7. Adorable little models! I don’t have small kiddos anymore but I know that Justice is very popular among the kids, and I can see why! Those clothes are super cute!

  8. The girls all look adorable. I love all the outfits. The plaid skirts are just so cute. I love the ice cream cones shirts they are all wearing. Justice has amazing clothes indeed. Thanks for sharing.

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