Awesome Ideas To Celebrate The 24 Days Of Christmas

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How To Celebrate The 24 Days Of Christmas

It’s time to start the countdown to Christmas Day! It seems like the Christmas season just flies by. Start a family tradition of counting down the days to Christmas with a special activity each day. One of best parts of the holiday season is spending special time with your loved ones. Make the most of this Christmas Season by making memories and magic with the whole family as you countdown to Christmas Day!

1. Start a countdown to Christmas with paper rings or with an advent calendar. Each morning have a different person in the family remove one ring!

2. Go Ice Skating Grab your skates from the attic or rent a pair and take the whole family ice skating. There are often outdoor rinks set up just for the holiday season in cold climates. If you live in a warm state like me, you can still enjoy this cold and fun sport by visiting a local ice rink. 

3. Make a Hot Chocolate Bar Set up a hot chocolate bar for easy access to this favorite drink. Marshmallows, candy canes, cocoa for dusting, whipped cream, ground nutmeg, and so many more fun additions to make your hot chocolate special all season long.

4. Watch a Classic Christmas Movie Choose a classic holiday movie that you grew up watching. Give yourself a trip down memory lane with your whole family. You may be surprised that the classics are still just as magical both for the older and younger generations.

5. Every person in the family write a letter to Santa Christmas wishes aren’t just for children. Join in the fun and wishing and sit with your children and write a letter to Santa from the whole family. Drop the letter off at a Santa Mail box in the mall. Several stores carry special mail boxes especially for collecting letters to Santa.

6. Take a family picture and write a family letter It is really exciting to get Christmas cards in the mail from friends and family. The updates and pictures from those you love who are near and far away are so special. Revive the tradition of Christmas cards and family pictures. Write a letter updating your loved ones on the fun and exciting highlights of your family over the last year. 

7. Have a Snowball Fight (or indoor snowball fight) The holidays are all about letting loose and enjoying the freedom of fun! Get all your snow gear on and head outside for a good old fashioned snowball fight! I guarantee you will enjoy the crisp air and the laughter from your family. If you don’t have snow… No problem. Give everyone a stack of newspapers and everyone crumple up their own “snowballs” and have an indoor snowball fight!

8. Make a Gingerbread House Whether you buy a gingerbread house kit or make it completely from scratch this fun tradition is a perfect way to get a sugar high and let your creative side out! Remember they don’t have to be perfect. And enjoy watching your kids imaginations come to life.

9. Watch a New Christmas Movie Find a Christmas movie no one in the family has seen or that has been recently released to watch. Don’t forget to turn off all the lights but the Christmas tree! 

10. Camp out in front of the Christmas Tree This is a favorite in our home. Grab all the comforters, blankets and pillows and turn off all the lights but the Christmas Tree lights. Lay under the tree and share Christmas wishes and stories with your kids. 

11. Bake Christmas Cookies Christmas wouldn’t be complete without Christmas cookies! There are so many recipes to choose from. Get in the kitchen with the whole family and bake and decorate some delicious holiday treats.

12. Go Sledding Sledding down a hill is the epitome of childhood freedom. Join in the fun as a whole family and find the perfect hill for sledding in the snow. If there is no snow grab a big piece of cardboard and “sled” down a grassy hill.

13. Celebrate the 12 Days until Christmas Starting today… and for the next twelve days send your kids on a present hunt by writing clues to a hidden present in the house. Hide one every morning for the next 12 days. They can be little erasers, pencils, candies…anything!

14. Volunteer at a Soup Kitchen or Homeless Shelter Christmas is the perfect time to give back and share with others the blessings you have received. Take the family down to a local soup kitchen to serve meals or volunteer at the homeless shelter. It will keep things in perspective for both you and your children. 

15. Donate a toy or clothing item to someone in need Before your house is loaded with new presents, clothes, and toys have everyone choose a few items to donate. This will teach your children to let go of things they no longer need or play with as well as be a blessing to someone in need.

16. Secretly drop off Christmas cookies to a few friends and neighbors Choose a few friends and neighbors to be a “Secret Santa” to. Make a plate of cookies or build a fun basket of presents and then do your best to not get “Caught” as you drop off your presents!

17. Organize a Cookie Exchange with friends and family Send out invitations for your friends and family to come over with a few dozen cookies. Set everyones cookies out on the table and invite everyone to pack a box with a little of every kind of cookie to enjoy!

18. Go to a Christmas Concert There are many Christmas plays, music concerts, dramas, and events going on in your city to enjoy. Choose a holiday concert or play to go to and enjoy the magic of sitting in the audience and hearing the sounds of Christmas live.

19. Make Homemade Christmas Ornaments Homemade ornaments can become some of the most cherished ornaments on the tree. They can be fancy and intricately made, but they don’t have to be. Grab some construction paper, glitter and glue and let your kids go to town making special decorations for the family tree.

20. Go Caroling Break out the old holiday song book and surprise your friends and neighbors by singing new and old Christmas songs to them. Invite them to join your merry group as you head to the next house.

21. Make some Holiday Fudge Fudge is a special treat that seems to be plentiful during the holidays. Make some of your own Fudge as a family. Come up with a special ingredient or combination and give it a creative name.

22.  Read a Christmas Book Christmas stories are so beautiful and special. Make a fire in the fireplace and gather around as a family and read a Christmas book out loud. 

23. Take a Pajama Christmas Light Tour Get everyone in their pajamas. Load in the car with some hot chocolate to go. And take a drive around the city looking at the beautiful and creative Christmas light displays.

24. Track Santa’s Sleigh around the world using Nordic Tracker Build the excitement of Santa’s progress delivering presents all over the world by following him on the Nordic Tracker. Excitement will build as the children see Santa’s sleigh getting closer and closer to your hometown.

What is your favorite Christmas Tradition? 


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