An Icky Story To Share

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I live my life by really trying to enjoy every moment… the true, spontaneous and imperfect ones all the same. Unfortunately, some of these moments are downright icky, but I’ve learned to laugh through the mess. 

clorox AD

This is my littlest one when she was three {like last year}. She’s normally pretty clean but I caught these photos of her right before we had a super icky moment. Our day went from enjoying a cupcake without too much of a mess to seconds later the whole thing being squished in her hands and then her slipping with all the mush almost off her chair. If it couldn’t get any worse she took another bite and sneezed everywhere!

clorox wipes AD

We hosed her off… aka, she got another shower and we spent a good amount of time cleaning off the rest of the counter and chair… and we all survived. I might have gagged a few times though!

clorox messes AD

Don’t forget to laugh through the mess.

That’s my super icky moment! Do you have one too?


Heather Reese
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  • What a fun contest, as a mom of 3 I have so many messy stories to tell. i could write a book!!

  • LOL! She’s so cute!! Most of my icky moments would involve my pets. They are good at creating ickiness!

  • That’s such a funny story. My kids have eaten messy stuff and sneezed it everywhere before, too. I don’t know how they do it, I don’t think I could even if I tried.

  • I have three boys. I can’t decide which one to tell! LOL. there are so many options! HAHAHA

  • Ah, and she looks so angelic right before the ick starts, right?

  • Such a fun contest! And she is adorable! I have an ick mess to clean up right now! I made cupcakes and frosting and went a little crazy on the food coloring. Yeah, that’s not a fun ick mess. lol.

  • When my son was little, he got into older sister’s dress up lipstick – a real one that I handed down to her. We found him in the closet… from head to toe. It took weeks to get the tub, and him, fully clean.

  • Love her blue little face! So cute! With 5 kids there is always messes!

  • That is awesome! She is adorable!!! I would say ours would be leaky diapers. I won’t go into detail.

  • There’s nothing like an icky icing face to make you smile. My bathroom always seems to be icky and I wish it wasn’t!

  • Hmm, my DD decided to put yogurt, everywhere! Your DD is super cute. 😀

  • Cute story! I had a similar blue mouth recently after eating a blue lollipop. I was out running errands for hours before I realized it. We’ve had our share of icky messes, but none come to mind at the moment.

  • As a mom of a boy, I have many icky moments. Those clorox wipes would be put to good use in our home.

  • I love Clorox… LOL.. and your little princess is too cute and well.. I’m certain she can be a mess on some days.. my kids (3 – 2 teenagers and a Kindergartner) sure have their messy days, too.. I remember when one of the Teens was in Kindergarten he had to have a blue lollipop and WELL. it was everywhere but in his tummy..LOL… that reminds me every time I see something blue…

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