An AMAZing Deal To Start Your Blog

An AMAZing Deal To Start Your Blog



Friday 8-21-2020 and Saturday 8-22-2020 ONLY – ends at midnight PT

When you click through our link to get started you’ll get:

$20 Amazon Gift Card (receive this 30 days after you start your blog from us directly)

WP Fast Launch (our $197 WordPress tutorial course) for free

Free domain (.com) for the first year

Get 1 full year of hosting for as low as $59.40! Or, 3 years of hosting for $99 (this is the best pricing available anywhere on the internet for Bluehost)

We are going to walk you through the super easy process of starting your own blog each step of the way. With our instructions, you will have your blog started in less than 10 minutes.

Disclosure: The links to Bluehost are affiliate links. This means that we earn revenue (at no cost to you) when you click through the links and start your blog. This is how you get the best price and free bonuses too. Our sites are hosted by Bluehost and we love their service.

Did you know that you also get the following free from us when you sign up for your blog during our AMAZing deal special?

When you sign up through the links in this post you will get the following:

  • FREE access to our WP Fast Launch course ($197 normally, but free for you!)
  • $20 Amazon Gift Card – we send this to you directly 30 days after you have signed up for Bluehost (must sign up through our link to be eligible). 
  • FREE access to the WP Fast Launch VIP Facebook group (Only available to our students)
  • The BEST pricing available for Bluehost (even better than going direct)
  • Automatic install of the correct version of WordPress (peace of mind and no extra work for you)
  • Free Domain for the first year (you don’t have to pay for your .com name the first year!)

Ready to jump ahead and get your blog started?

Here are the quick start instructions. If you want detailed step by step instructions you can find them below.

1. Click THIS LINK for special pricing and the FREE bonuses listed below.  If you see Pete and me on the screen, you are on the right page.
2. Click on the bright “get started” button.
3. Click SELECT on your chosen plan, depending on your needs and budget.
4. Next, choose one of these 3 options:

Create a new domain (enter your chosen domain here)

Use a domain you own (if you already registered a domain somewhere else enter it here)

I’ll create my domain later (choose this if you want to figure out your domain, .com, later)

5. Enter your account information, the term, check/uncheck extras, and fill in your payment information.

Tip: We recommend going with the longest term possible that your budget will allow so you can take advantage of the special intro pricing for the most amount of time.

Many of the “extras” will be pre-checked. We recommend keeping “domain privacy” checked and unchecking the other options to save money unless you know you will need those right away.

Your hosting is billed upfront for the term you select (not monthly) so you will be paying for it all now. You will not have to pay for hosting again until this term is up!

Special Note: To get the cheapest possible combination, choose the BASIC plan for 12 months and unselect all the extras. This will bring your total out of pocket to $59.40 through our special link. Don’t forget, you’ll also receive WP Fast Launch for free ($197), so you’re coming out way ahead.

6. Check the box to agree to the terms, hit SUBMIT and you are DONE! You just started your blog!

Now let’s get you your free bonuses!
Please fill out this short form and we’ll immediately send you an email with instructions to enroll in WP Fast Launch for FREE since you signed up through our link. This will also sign you up to receive your $20 Amazon Gift Card (receive this directly from us 30 days after signing up for your blog).

When the instructions for WP Fast Launch arrive in your inbox, sign in right away. It helps to go through the steps in WP Fast Launch as you are setting up your blog in Bluehost. This will save you lots of frustration!

The steps above gave you a quick and simple way to start your blog. If you’re the type that wants a little more detail, we’ve got you covered!

See these options below:

#1 – Walkthrough video – Pete shares his screen on his computer and walks you through every step of getting your blog started. He also gives his recommendations on plan choices and options


#2 – Details screenshots and instructions – If you prefer to read the detailed instructions, this is where you’ll want to look. These step-by-step screenshots and instructions go through the process in detail and explain some of the choices to make during the process.

Either way, remember to click on any of the links in this post when you start your blog to receive the FREE bonuses.

Video Walkthrough with Pete:

???? Click this link to get the It’s a Lovely Life! special price and free bonuses ????

Detailed Steps with Screenshots:

First step: Hosting. We recommend and use Bluehost because they are the largest WordPress hosting company and are trusted by millions of bloggers (including us).  Not only that but with our special pricing, which is the best you will find anywhere, you can start your blog for as low as $2.75/mo depending on the plan you choose. I absolutely love that you can start your blog for less than what you would pay for one cup of coffee a month.

Click the bright green “Get Started Now” and you are on your way!

Tip: You will want to make sure you see this image (it looks a little different on mobile, but you will see us on the beach) when you complete your hosting so that we can make sure you get the free bonuses.

On the next screen, you will see 3 Package Choices: Basic, Plus, and Choice Plus

Tip: If you are limited on budget, the Basic plan will suit your needs just fine.

If you have a little bit of extra room in your budget, the Choice Plus plan has the best value for the 36-month package. With that, you get these included: free domain privacy, free CodeGuard Basic, and SpamExperts. My favorite feature with this package is that if you decide to run more than one blog, you can host it on your same Bluehost account for no additional cost (except for purchasing an extra domain.) 

Now Click SELECT on your chosen plan to move to the next step.

Now you will see the three options on the screenshot below:

Create a new domain – If you do not already own a domain for your blog yet, enter your chosen domain name (.com) in the box and click NEXT.

Use a domain you own – If you already own a domain (registered somewhere else), then enter your domain name in this box and click NEXT.

Or you can skip this step and create a domain later.
Click: I’ll create my domain later

After that, you will see this page if you entered a domain and it is available:

Then, fill in your order information on the screen you will see like this one below:

In the circled area above, you will also need to select the length of time you want your plan to be. The longer the length of time, the cheaper the monthly price will be. This is charged upfront and not billed monthly so that we can offer you the absolute best pricing.

Tip: If you want to switch the plan type to Choice Plus or Basic, you’ll need to go back to the previous screens to do that.

As you’ll see above, there are some boxes that are already checked.

At this point, you’ll need to decide what extras to go with.

Tip: We recommend keeping at least Domain Privacy Protection checked (so your name and contact information is not visible in the public domain registry). But, if you are on a budget, you can uncheck all those extra boxes to keep your cost down.

The next section is the Payment Information.  Enter your credit/debit card information there.

The final step is to check the box agreeing to the terms, and pressing the green submit button!

???? Congrats!!!  You did it! You are now officially a blog owner. ????

Now let’s get you your free bonuses!
Please fill out this short form and we’ll immediately send you an email with instructions to enroll in WP Fast Launch for FREE since you signed up through our link. This will also sign you up to receive your $20 Amazon Gift Card (receive this directly from us 30 days after signing up for your blog).

When you receive your WP Fast Launch enrollment instructions, get signed up right away and begin going through the coursework. This will make the process of setting up your blog so much easier!

Next, we want to celebrate starting your new blog with you. 
Take a second and post in our private Facebook group (if you haven’t joined you can request access right now too) with #celebrate and let us know the domain name of your site and what topics you will be blogging about! Also, if you would rather send us an email ( to let us know, that is ok too.