An Afternoon Hike And The Easiest S’mores Mix

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I’m sharing how the girls and I enjoy outdoor hiking with a s’mores mix snack that I make using Goldfish® Grahams as part of a sponsored post for Socialstars. #GoldfishTales


This weekend was a wet one… but since we are in such a bad drought, and we love the rain… there will be no complaints from us!

But, as soon as the sun started to break through we all had the same idea… let’s go for a hike! And that is exactly what we did! I think the warmer weather after a couple of cooler ones all had us dreaming of summertime, and one of our favorite summer foods… s’mores!

Since we can’t build open fires where we live, I thought of the next best thing… s’mores mix using Goldfish® Grahams! I didn’t tell the girls my idea… they just thought we were going for a hike!


We hiked up and down our hills and saw butterflies, squirrels and more birds than we could count!

It didn’t take long for us to work up an appetite… we were all hungry! I didn’t tell the girls that I had brought a snack. I thought it would be a fun surprise, and it was! Most times my little one doesn’t even have to tell us how she is feeling because her expressions (like this one below) pretty much tell us all we need to know!

easy smores mix

I’d say the little one was happy with my choice of s’mores mix for her kid snack!

This is the perfect snack to take with you anywhere, or to enjoy at home. It takes minutes… maybe even seconds to put together, and my girls (and I) love it!

To make the s’mores mix you just combine 40 Goldfish Grahams (that’s one serving size) with a few mini marshmallows and chocolate chips! I put them directly in little containers and carried them with me.

This time the little one helped me add the Goldfish Grahams because she loves to count.

At five years old it’s one of her favorite things to do, so that was her job! Goldfish Grahams are definitely a great snack that kids love to eat and play with.

We found some logs to sit on and we just enjoyed the sunshine and talked about the week ahead.

It’s amazing how a little time spent outside talking about life can really clear your mind and help you remember what is really important in life.

We all decided moments like these need to be a part of our weekend routine!

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What is your favorite outdoor activity?

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