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Adventures By Disney Montana Trip Report and Review

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Welcome to part two of our vacation with Disney that didn’t involve a theme park!

Extra special thanks to Adventures By Disney for hosting this amazing vacation! We are so happy to be able to share this full review of our Adventures By Disney Montana Trip Report and how you can take a magical Disney vacation outside the theme parks.

Day four of our Montana Adventure By Disney vacation had us waking up on a prairie in a tent. It wasn’t any ‘ole tent though… we were glamping! This is also the location where they were for National Geographic Yellowstone Live right around the time we were there!

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This was the closest to roughing it I have ever done, or hope to do.

I’m sure this converts a lot of people into thinking that camping isn’t so bad, but I could see that Disney had worked its magic and took care of everything so it felt like it was a breeze. We didn’t have to do anything other than enjoy our time in our tent. Even the wood in our stoves was restocked with a phone call!

Later that day, we moved over to our final accommodations at 320 Guest Ranch where we all had cabins in a row along the river.  We sat on our porch in the evenings and listened to the water while watching the birds soar above.

Pete and I took some walks through the property and chatted with the horses as the Adventure Guides entertained the kids with outdoor fun.

They spent hours getting dirty and just being kids.

We also took a two hour horseback ride up to the top of the mountain you can see in the distance. The horses roam free there at night so we would watch them in the evenings scale the hill!

Another adventure Disney had lined up for us was a white river rafting ride!

I was really nervous about this and it turned out to be my favorite part! Be sure to watch our video to see when Pete, Maddie, and Emmy ended up in the water!

Photo credit: Matt Stroshane
Photo credit: Matt Stroshane
Photo credit: Matt Stroshane

We love how Disney offers options for everyone on their adventures.

One day we had the choice of a bike ride or visiting a wolf and bear center and we decided to split up. Pete and Ash went bike riding while Maddie, Emmy, and I went into the town to see the animals. They were all rescue animals and our first opportunity to see them both up close! You can see more about that in part one of our series.

Remember how I shared that Adventures By Disney has experiences that you can’t just book on your own, or that they take you to places that only locals know about? This gentle hike to Ousel Falls was one of those moments. 

If you were wondering, I took over 1,000 pictures just here. It was absolutely gorgeous!

We packed in even more fun with an afternoon at Big Sky Ranch!

We had multiple choices for activities and the girls and Pete went ziplining. There was an extreme option and an adventure option. They chose adventure.  Check out our videos to see more.

While they were zipping through the forest and down the hill, I was going up to the very tip-top of the mountain for the Lone Peak Expedition for a private tour with others in our group.

The views were to forever.

Back at the bottom of the mountain, we had some free time, so we got coffee while Emmy did some bungee jumping and rock climbing.

We totally want to come back here!

For those of us that have been on prior Adventures By Disney, we knew that the last night was going to be filled with happiness, and sadness, but fun would be the biggest component and the last night together didn’t disappoint.

We were all sad because we did not want this adventure to end.

Every moment we felt spoiled by our Disney Adventure Guides and nobody wanted to go back to reality!

Our farewell chuck wagon BBQ dinner included wagon rides, junior adventurer kisses being blown at the horses, and a slideshow of all the pictures our adventure guides took of us all!

One last time with our “magic makers”, our adventure guides!

Our family still has a HUGE Disney bucket list of places we want to visit and share with you all. We have made so many family memories when we went to Aulani, a Disney Resort and Spa, on a Halloween themed Disney Cruise and on two Adventures By Disney trips, one on the Danube River in Europe and of course this vacation in Montana.

We still have so many other vacations we want to take with Disney outside the parks. At the top of our list is going to Castaway Cay and more Adventures By Disney! On our last Adventures By Disney trip, we kept thinking how great it would be to go on a multi-generational vacation and take my parents with us on one outside the US. This is the best way to see a new country and to have everything taken care of for us, like taking private adventures! In fact, my parents are going on a big Disney Cruise just next week. We think so highly of Disney that we are vacationing with them the first time we bring my parents with us on a vacation!

The more that we share about vacation options from Disney outside the parks, the more we hear from other families that they didn’t even know that Disney had so many options! Our friends Chelsea and Allison have both experienced Disney vacations beyond the parks and they are sharing their great vacations too! Allison and family just got back from Aulani, a Disney Resort and Spa, and Chelsea and family from a Disney Cruise, so be sure to read about their vacations too!

The Walt Disney Company Adventures By Disney offers hassle-free luxury family vacations with only Disney trained adventure guides. If you love a good Disney Cruise Line Vacation or to visit Disney World, you will love these group travels lead by cast members and local experts. Adventure By Disney has vacation options in the United States and around the world, even to visit the Sistine Chapel and beyond! I keep checking their departure dates for expedition cruises and other new tours they are adding.

Here are some quick links to our other Disney vacations too! You can read about the fun we had in Aulani, on a Disney Cruise and with Adventure By Disney.

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