Adventures By Disney Danube River Cruise – Day 1

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Our first night on the ship, AmaViola for the Adventures By Disney Danube River Cruise. Thanks to Adventures by Disney for Sponsoring our trip so we could feature this amazing European River Cruise.

We flew into Budapest, Hungary the night before and stayed in a Hotel so we could adjust to the time change and get on the ship as early as possible.

The next morning, we met up with the ship, the AmaViola which is owned by Ama Waterways. It was docked just a couple blocks from our Hotel and was really easy to find.

We got to the ship early, so we had a chance to relax in the lounge and tour the ship while our rooms were being prepared. 

Since we were in Budapest, Adventures by Disney brought onboard some traditional Hungarian dancers for a really fun performance before dinner.

We also had an introductory meeting where we learned all about what we would be doing this week and got to meet the Adventures By Disney staff and crew of the ship.

After that, the captain took the ship out for a short voyage along the Budapest waterfront so we could take in all the amazing sights and lights. This is an experience we will never forget.

It was only the first night (out of 7) and such a great start to a week that turned out to be simply amazing in every way.

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  • That sounds like such an amazing adventure. I would LOVE to do this river cruise someday.

  • This sounds like such an amazing trip. I love how Disney always adds a little magic to everything.

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  • I have heard so many amazing things about Disney cruises. Thinking it will just have to be our next vacation that we take.

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  • Budapest is high on our list of travel destination wanna’s. 😉 We have been close several times, but so far haven’t made it in (yet). Time always deters us.

  • Wow… your trip sound amazing. I always wanted to go on a Disney Cruise and your post really makes me want to go asap. Thanks for sharing.

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  • What an amazing journey, My family is from Budapest been there at 16 .
    I want to go back and visit ,Take my adult girls never thought to get sponsored to go .
    What a fantastic idea!!!!
    My parents excapt 1956 came to America. I’m first generation American / Hungarian thank you for sharing

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