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It seems there is always one adventurer in the family.

In ours it is Pete. He is always up for some adventurous fun, and he loves to capture the memories he makes during these times too. I’m not as adventurous when it comes to all the activities he loves, so for me, having these pictures and videos makes me feel like I was along for the fun, from the comfort and warmth of our couch while I watch it all! 


I am always on the lookout for gifts for Pete that encourages his adventurous spirit, so I was really excited when I heard about WASPcam™ 9907 4K!  WASPcam™ 9907 4k is a 4K/24 fps camera that is waterproof to 98 feet without a case that records HD Video up to 20MP Photo Quality. It has built-in Wi-Fi that connects the camera to the WASPcam App too. 

One of the features that we immediately noticed was the 1.5″ LCD Screen on the back. This is something that makes this camera extra easy to use right out of the box! Pete takes a lot of time-lapse videos, so he was really excited to see the new Video Time-lapse Feature and he already has plans to use it when we are in the Caribbean next to capture those beautiful sunrises and sunsets and also while we are sailing!


One thing that we noticed that would really make capturing our family adventures easier is that there is a mini side bracket for optional accessories and unique mounting angles. There have been so many times that Pete wanted to capture something he was doing, but he couldn’t get the angle right. This will eliminate that issue, and I can’t wait to see how he uses it! This is a great camera for pro’s and for people that are just starting to capture their adventures because the WASPcam™ 9907 4K gives you all the accessories you need to get started. Included with the camera are the following:

  • Tall J-Hook Buckle
  • Flat Adhesive Mount
  • Curved Adhesive Mount
  • Straight Joint Mount
  • Short Basic Buckle
  • Mini Side Bracket

The best part? You get 4K quality video, a waterproof camera, and all the accessories you need to get started, all for $329.95, making this the perfect gift for the adventure lover in your life!


Pete tested it out in the rain. It was really awesome not having to worry about it getting wet. He just mounted it on his bike and set off to see what it could do. 

Here is a still image he took:


Here is an unboxing video and some video footage he recorded of the camera:

We were both really impressed with the WASPcam™ 9907 4k, and we are so excited that to add it to our travel equipment. It is going to be awesome for the pictures and videos that we take underwater too! I’m even thinking that I might start using it myself if Pete lets me borrow it, ha! I’m excited that it has a built-in case that is waterproof so I don’t have to worry about that, and I can just start recording some special memories!

Do you have an adventurer lover on your gift list?

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