A San Diego Kia Sedona Weekend Of Fun

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This past weekend was a “Sedona Weekend” for us. We had a fun weekend exploring some of our favorite things to do in San Diego in the new 2016 Kia Sedona and I’m excited to be sharing it with this post sponsored by Kia. 

kia sedona weekend

We really wanted to put the Kia Sedona to the test and see if it could keep up with us for a whole weekend.

We planned some of our favorite things to do as a family and also worked in some regular things we had to get done too… like grocery shopping. We started our fun weekend by loading the whole family into the car and then going to pick up my parents, to see a movie. This was a real test for the Sedona because although it was configured to seat 7I wasn’t sure if we all would be comfortable.

The Sedona comes with available seating for up to eight, and with available Slide-N-Stow™ second row. Which means there are multiple configurations for family adventures or trips to the hardware store and plenty of cargo room too!

After we all traveled together in the Sedone, the verdict was in… it was spacious and everyone fit very well with lot’s of room left. My dad and Pete were in the front and me and my two older daughters were in the back. My little one was in her car seat and my mom next to her in the middle bucket seats. The middle seats are so comfortable. Those of us in the back had no problem going in between the middle seats to get into the back. There was plenty of space.

20150606_185700 20150606_185815

After our movie Pete and I decided to go for a hike.

It had been overcast with some pockets of rain for days… so when it cleared up we jumped at the chance to take the Sedona with us to the lake.

kia sedona

Kia as a brand has evolved so much in the past few years. 

As we were driving to the lake Pete and I were talking about all the features that we love about the Sedona. The style and look of it was one of the biggest things we loved about it when we first saw it. Then we got in and drove it and we were both surprised at how luxurious it felt. It was very roomy and comfortable, and we felt like it would be a great fit for our active lifestyle.

sedona front

I really liked the smooth design on the outside. 

kia sedona 1hiking adventure


There are so many aspects of the Sedona that were taken into consideration when it was being designed.

One of which was to provide plenty of storage areas. The cargo area is deep and we packed our hiking gear back there and changed our shoes right on the back. It has a Hands-free Smart-Power Liftgate too that is something my next car must have. Once you use that you can’t imagine not having it. You can push the button old school like Pete did too!

sedona tailgateback up camera

This is another one of those things that once you try it, you must have it.

The Sedona has an amazing backup camera with a 365 degree view. You can see what is all around the car and it makes parking so easy. It also made me feel so much safer. My little one still runs around like crazy so this is one more tool we can use to make sure she stays safe! It also has next-generation, driver assist technology includes Advanced Smart Cruise Control and Blind-Spot Detection with Lane-Change Assist. It even beeps if there is something in your blind spot and you have your turn signal on. There are so many conveniences and features that help make the driving experience enjoyable and safe.

kia sunroof

The sunroof’s are huge! 

This was the one up front for Pete and I… and there was one in the back for the kids too. It’s such a great feeling being able to get some fresh air using the sunroofs.

driving the sedona

Pete and I put together a little video of us showing off some of our favorite features on the Sedona:

kia sedona interior

After our walk we did some grocery shopping.

We bought a bunch of things including 10 cases of water and $300 of groceries. Because I’m an awesome wife I decided to video Pete loading all of the groceries into the Sedona instead of helping him. I promise I normally help! This was a lot to fit into the Sedona… but it didn’t feel that way after it was all loaded up. I think we could have put 2 more times the amount into it.

sedona kia grocery shopping

kia sedona carries a lot

On the last day of our Sedona Weekend we headed over to the beach.

Living in San Diego you would think we would go to the beach more often… but it doesn’t always work out that way. We are on a mission to change that starting now. We had so much fun walking on the pier and bird (and people) watching.

kia sedona beach time

easy parking kia sedona

See how awesome the camera is!

beachbeach daycar adventures kiacloudsbird

I love how great the Sedona is for it’s utility. I can fit so much in it! I also love all the tech features that make my life easier and driving safer. The 2015 Sedona has a NHTSA Overall 5-Star Crash Safety Rating and a 10-year/100,000-mile warranty. 

Here’s another video of what Pete and I loved inside the Sedona. There were so many things I wanted to show you all.

The girls were all super bummed when we had to return the Sedona. I was too. I could totally see myself happily driving a Sedona. It has everything on my must have list for cars. It really is that awesome.

If you are looking for a vehicle that can hold upto 8 people, looks awesome and has a luxurious interior, this might be the car for you!

What kind of fun would you have with your family in the Sedona?

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  • I had a Sedona and I took the back seats out and turned it into a little camper! It was really beat up by the time I got it, but man I loved that minvan! The 2016 model looks awesome!

  • That’s the nicest mini van I’ve ever seen. That camera quality seems pretty good too. Thanks for posting a picture of what it actually shows, because even though I’ve heard of them, I’ve never seen how they actually work.

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