A Homemade and HeartFELT Valentine’s Day DIY Craft

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A HeartFelt Valentine

With four days left till Valentin’s Day these easy DIY Craft Cards are perfect for last minute Valentine’s!

Cadan is back with these awesome kid friendly craft…

Each year I try to create a craft for my kiddos, one they’ll just love (pun intended).  This year we wanted to accomplish two things: 

  1. Use our hands and make a “heartfelt” Valentine for our family, their friends and teachers.
  2. It was important that we only use materials we already have on hand. Nothing bought, nothing new.  

We wanted ours to speak for itself, be a little puny!  I went digging into my bins of fabric and came out with felt, about 2 yards of white and red felt, more than enough.  Perfect!  Next, figuring out the easiest way to implement this into a handmade card.  Easy to cut out shapes are always a win in this house, along with the use of fancy scissors in our design.  Our idea, an envelope!  What a better way for a Valentine to be delivered (well these can’t go in the mailbox all by themselves, but you get it). Finally the pun – since it is made with felt we had to work in some sort of sweet saying with the word “felt” in it.  

A HeartFelt Valentine


  • 1 – 4”x4 ½” Rectangle pattern
  • 1 – Triangle pattern (the top of the triangle needs to be a little wider than 4”, if you are cutting with fancy scissors.)
  • White felt
  • Red felt
  • Hot glue gun
  • Cardstock (color of your choosing)
  • Markers (color of your choosing)
  • Twine, string or ribbon
  • Scissors (Regular and fancy)


  1. Plug in your glue gun (Seems logical, but I swear I have a sign up by my craft table, with these instructions 😉
  2. Trace the two templates onto the white felt and cut them out.
  3. Cut out hearts and any other designs, as accents.  Freehand or by drawing them onto the felt with a marker.
  4. Now that your glue gun is ready…begin gluing the triangle to the top of the rectangle, making the flap of the envelope.
  5. Add any accent pieces.
  6. Turn your envelope over to the back side. Set aside.
  7. Using the rectangular pattern as a guide, cut out a rectangle from your cardstock. You may cut it down a bit or use your fancy scissors here.
  8. Either you or your child, write a cute saying with your markers incorporating the word “felt”.  Glue this to the back side of your envelope. 
  9. Cut a piece of string the same length as the envelope.  Place each end at the top of the envelope between the body and the triangular flap and glue them in place.
  10. Done!  

A HeartFelt Valentine


A HeartFelt Valentine

Maybe it’s your turn to bring in a classroom craft. You can swap out the glue gun for white glue or craft glue.  It could be that the grandparents are visiting, what a fun way for them to spend part of their visit.  This is an amazingly easy, inexpensive and fun project for any age.  A very “heartFELT” Valentine!


How do you celebrate Valentine’s Day?

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