Walking Tour Of Curacao- Cruise Ship Excursion

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We made it to Curacao!

On this cruise, we were excited to take the girls to the ABC Islands. Pete and I had been to Aruba before, and that was the one trip we took just us so this time we knew it would be totally different. While we were on Aruba we kept hearing about Curacao and Bonaire and quickly added those to our travel lists.

Curacao we were told was bright and charming. Those words total are fitting. The buildings are festive with bold colors and it really has an old Europe feel when you walk along the streets.

We opted to explore by foot from the cruise ship instead of booking a formal excursion. I think if we visit again, which we hope to, we would arrange for a private snorkeling adventure and walk around again like we did today. It felt so good to just create our own tour based on what we wanted to see and do.

It is actually pretty easy to take your own walking tour because there are tour signs along the route.

I think Emmy really enjoyed this plan too because we just kept happening upon ice cream shop after ice cream shop!

We are ice cream experts in all sorts of places now because of her love of ice cream.

When we first exited the cruise terminal, we were pointed towards a shopping center that was created from the 1828 Rif Fort. It’s pretty cool to see this historical building and the way that they have meshed the old with the new.

If you keep walking through the fort, you will come out on the other side along the water. Just past this is the famous floating bridge.

Instead of opening and closing, when boats need to pass, the bridge moves aside to create an entry or exit for them. It also means that people can stay on the bridge if need be, although the bridge guard will, of course, encourage you to exit asap if a boat is coming.

It is really fun to watch so plan a little time to take it all in.

On the other side of the bridge is more shopping, eating, and space to explore.

We even found a great little place for lunch called Bali Mixed Asian Lunchroom. They had vegan and vegetarian options and it was perfect for the whole family. We saw locals eating there and opting for one of the couple outside tables, so we did that too. It was the perfect place for taking in the sights!

Ice cream number two was at Gelato Dagaz.

There were vegan options here too!

We ate the gelato by the water and just took in the view. The water was just so pretty!

Here is the view from our balcony where you can see the Dutch influence and the colorful buildings. We totally want to come back here again and stay for more than a few hours.

It’s even gorgeous at night!

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  • Love the colors of the buildings. I do agree that Curacao looks a little like the Carribean and European, well I haven’t been there yet but from your photos, it sure looks like it. It seems like Emmy and I have something in common, the LOVE for ice cream! Her ice cream is colorful as the buildings are. Thank you for sharing, I’ll have to add this to my ‘Live List’ to visit.

  • My granddaughter & I took a Southern Caribbean cruise in April & we loved Curaçao!

    • Hi Linda,

      That is awesome! It was the perfect place for adults and kids. I bet she loved being able to spend time with you!

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