A Day of Adventure in Grand Cayman – It's a Lovely Life!
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A Day of Adventure in Grand Cayman

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Our third day in Grand Cayman was an adventure day! Thanks to the Cayman Islands Department of Tourism for sponsoring this trip so we can share this amazing part of the world.

We started the day by going to Crystal Caves. This was an amazing network of caves that a guide takes you through. We went in the bat cave, the lake cave, the root cave, and more!

Then, we went to an area of Grand Cayman called Rum Point. This is a really fascinating part of the island that feels completely different than the 7 Mile Beach area that we were staying at. We ate lunch at a great spot called Kaibo Beach Bar. It was such a cool setting and the food was good too!

Next we drove around the East End of the island and back to the Caribbean Club where we stayed and enjoyed some beach and pool time.

The final stop for the day was a restaurant called Morgan's. This place blew us away….both the waterfront setting and the food were nothing short of spectacular. The sunset was almost purple this night, and we will never forget it!

Pete Reese
Pete is a semi-retired Real Estate Broker, Crossfit and Travel Enthusiast who brings the adventure to our lives! He constantly encourages us to take risks and be the best we can be! He loves sharing tips to help others earn an income online so that they too can travel and spend more time with their families.


  1. I want to go to Grand Cayman so bad. It’s been on my bucket list for years. I was to swim with stingrays at stingray city. It’s like my dream vacation.

  2. I LOVE Grand Cayman! I have been there for a day with a cruise I took a few years ago. I need to stay on the island once so I can explore it like you all are!

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