A Day In The Life Of A Full Time Professional Blogger

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Ever wonder what a day in the life of a full time professional blogger looks like? It’s unlike any other job. Here’s what we do daily to run our online business.

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What a day looks like for a full time professional blogger making money online.
Creating family memories and content for our travel blog posts in Europe.

The day in the life of a professional blogger making money online is exciting!

But what exactly does a day in the life of a blogger look like?

One of my favorite parts of being a blogger is also what makes writing this difficult… our days look different almost every single day, especially when I was still writing a lot of sponsored posts and attending more events.

Right now we have more of a schedule that we stick with, but we are at home, we work on bigger projects and do things we don’t have the time to do while we are away. I love this setup and how we focus on making memories when traveling. 

A typical day in the life of a professional blogger making money online at home looks like this for us:

  • Pete gets up early and goes to workout while I stay back and have coffee while jumping on social media and checking in there.
  • By 7:30, Pete and I have had our first meeting of the day where we go over the schedule for the day and what we are each going to accomplish. 
  • Until about noon, we are both deep into working. We both take breaks as needed to help the kids with schoolwork or food if needed. We also normally check in with each other with questions and to get a cup of coffee.
  • Around noon, we stop to film videos and create content for our blogging students.
  • We jump back into other work around 1 pm and continue until about 2:30 or 3:00 pm when we stop and have a mastermind session together while we go for a walk. We normally walk at least 5 miles a day and use this time to brainstorm and bounce ideas off of each other. This has had a huge positive impact on our health, happiness, and business! I used to say I didn’t have time to work out and I really regret that. It is really unfortunate how many of us find time for everything except the things that are good for our own health and well-being. Even though we use our walks as business meetings, we always invite the kids to come too (and they often do). These are great opportunities to connect with each other and as a family. Plus, I’ve been known to buy a chocolate covered banana from the store we walk past every day and that might have something to do with the kids wanting to come! Ha!
  • Depending on any deadlines we have coming up, we might do more work after dinner or we might do something fun with the kids. If we are at home and don’t have anything planned, Pete and I normally will watch a movie and do some continuing education. For us, that is researching topics that can further our blogging business. I’m big into Pinterest and SEO right now, so I’m constantly trying new things and reading as much as I can on the subject.
  • Before bed, we check in on social media and our blogging students in our groups. When I am on social media, I always keep this in the back of my mind: “Make social media work for you, don’t work for social media”, meaning I use social media to further my goals, I don’t let it control me. Sometimes my goals are just to check in with friends and family and sometimes it is to accomplish something for our business.

That is what a typical day in my life as a blogger making money online looks like right now.

But it wasn’t always like this. When I first started blogging and the kids where little or in school and when I also worked at our real estate brokerage, it looked different. I want to share what it looked like then.

On those days, I made sure to wake up two hours before the kids or I stayed up until two hours past when they went to bed. It really depended on my schedule the next day or how tired or energized I was. I am big into listening to my body and acting accordingly. I am a natural night owl so most of the time I would stay up later. This is when I got my blog posts done, planned my future blog post topics and scheduled my social media shares. 

Once a week I would batch my picture taking for blog posts and this was normally on the weekend.

I would pick one day and tell everyone days ahead of time to let them know so we were all on the same page. This often included outfit changes too and setting up different scenes in the house to take pictures.

When I was working during the days I would drop the kids off, get my regular work done and do blog work during lunch and breaks.

We also owned the company, so I had flexibility in my work schedule. That helped, but I almost feel like if I had been working for someone else, I would have had more time to devote to my blog back them because we all know when you are the owner, there is always something else you can be doing.

I would leave work and head to pick up the girls, arriving at least 30 minutes or earlier than pickup time to make sure I had a spot in the line and not on the road, (hashtag mom life). This sounds bad, and it could have been to have so much wasted time, but it ended up giving me some very focused time to get more blog work done. Those hours really add up! I learned quickly that I needed to really focus my brain during any extra time I got. 

A lot can be accomplished in 10 minutes as long as you can focus quickly.

So that is what a day in the life of a professional blogger making money online looks like. 

I love that each day brings me something new and I love that I am in control of my own day since I am my own boss and that I can spend so much time with my family. 

As you can see, the day in the life of a blogger is never the same from day to day, but always exciting!

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