8 Ways to Make Reading Magical for Children

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8 Ways to Make

One of the girls favorite things to do when we are traveling is to read. On a plane, on a train, in a car, or on a tropical beach… you get it, they love to read wherever we are. Reading is one of the most important skills a child will learn. It has been proven over and over that children who read and enjoy reading will develop a creative imagination and a desire to learn that will last a lifetime.

Childhood is all about experiencing magical moments and we as parents encouraged this since the girls were born. The day Maddie came home from the hospital Pete started reading to her. I thought it was silly at the time since she would just stare at him, but within days she seemed to really enjoy it. She had reflux and would cry for 23 hours a day, but reading seemed to calm her down.

As she got older, and our family grew, we created more ways to encourage their love of reading with these 8 ways to make reading magical for your children.

1. A Reading Nook. There are so many creative ways to set up a special reading place. It can be as simple as a corner full of pillows, or as elaborate as a tent with twinkling lights and hanging stars. Pinterest is full of amazing and beautiful ideas just waiting to be brought to life in your home. An inviting and special place to read will encourage your children to discover magic in their books. 

Ways to Make Reading Magical for Children

2. Read Out Loud. Start at a very young age reading books out loud to your children. There is something powerful about the sound of a mother’s or father’s voice reading stories to their children. Reading creates a strong bond and sense of discovery between parents and their children. Set a good example to your children by reading often to them and making it a part of your weekly routine.

3. Read in Fun Places. Find fun and unusual places for your children to read. Go outside, lay out a a blanket, and read looking up at the clouds or stars. Let your child hide under the covers with a flashlight, and read a spooky children’s book. The possibilities are endless. Have your child bring a book with them everywhere you go. 

Ways to Make Reading Magical for Children

4. Visit the location of a books setting. Pick one of your children’s books that they love, and visit the setting of the book. The zoo, a museum, a park… Bring to life the books setting and, talk about what the characters in the book must have seen and felt.

5. Read a book and then go see it as a play. There are quite a few children’s books that have been made into plays. Check out your local theaters for play listings. Have your child read the book and then go watch the play. It will bring the characters on the page to life on stage. 

Ways to Make Reading Magical for Children

6. Help your child write their own book. Reading isn’t only about the work of others. It is the inspiration to tell stories yourself. Encourage your child to write her own book. It doesn’t have to be long. Just a few sentences or paragraphs. Help them staple some papers together in book form. Give them plenty of markers to illustrate their story. “Publish” it in front of the whole family by having them read it out loud.

7. Go to the Library. Yes. Local libraries still exist! Take a trip to the library and let your child soak in the smell and sight of rows and rows of books.  The library environment creates an atmosphere that encourages readers to dive into a book. Many libraries also offer great children activities such as book clubs, story time groups, crafting groups, reading incentive programs, and so much more.

Ways to Make Reading Magical for Children

8. Make or recreate recipes found in a book or time period. Many books bring food and cuisine into the story. Bring their favorite books to life by experiencing another one of the five senses…Taste! There is something magical about drinking Butter Beer from Harry Potter books or enjoying a warm homemade cookie after reading “If You Give a Mouse a Cookie.” 

What was your favorite childhood book? 

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  • These are all great ways to make reading magical for kids. My son’s favorite books are The Huger Games series.

  • Great tips to get kids to love reading. My daughter always loved reading but it took effort with my son.

  • I really want my kiddo to be an avid reader! We do make him read out loud and we all try to do some family reading too. These are all great tips!

  • It is so important to encourage reading from a young age and these are awesome tips. It is so important to development and comprehension. Read, Read, Read!

  • Great suggestions!

    I loved in school when we would read a book and then go see it as a play. It really helped to bring the story together and as a kid I understood the story better as well.

  • I have always loved reading and to narrow it down to my favourite childhood book is hard. I loved Nancy Drew, Trixie Belden, Anne of Green Gables, Little House on the Prairie and Black Beauty. I have passed down the love of reading to my children. I love the idea of a reading nook and reading in fun places.

  • My kids were actually reading Olivia together today and just laughing the entire time. That is magical when they can read to one another!

  • I guess my love for books and reading was because of my mom and dad who were always getting new books to read to me. I enjoyed listening to them while my mind wandered to that magical place. I hope parents nowadays should not rely too much on technology. Old school practices like reading a bedtime story to a child has lasting benefits and creates treasured memories.

  • Great tips! I’m so lucky that my kids love reading and actually do it often without any promoting. Its really great.

  • My 3yr old just loves to read at any time and any place. I’ve found that her love started with me reading to her from since she was a newborn. If you consistently read to your kids, buy books instead of toys, your kids would foster a love of reading.

  • Both of my girls have reading nooks, and I do believe it makes them want to read more. I also love the idea of seeing the book as a play, too!

  • Reading is by far my favorite past time. I love finding a great book and getting totally emersed in the story.

  • My family and I enjoy reading! We always look forward to our weekly library trips. As a child, I enjoyed reading Berenstain Bears. I also enjoyed reading about classical musicians. 🙂

  • Seeing a book as a play would be totally awesome! We’ve seen a play last Christmas and my son really loved it. Thanks for the ideas.

  • I am just loving it. These are some simple yet effective tips to bring some interest in to reading for kids. The idea of taking them to local library & motivating them to write their own books are great ideas.

  • I didn’t enjoy reading as a child nearly as much as I could have. I used to participate in the summer reading program. I really wish I would have read more. I read more as an adult and sometimes wish I had more time for reading. I like reading ebooks the best.

  • Super good ideas. I love the nook idea…if there is a special place to read of course that would make them feel more comfortable and encouraged to read. I like the make your own book and visit the location idea too! In Atlanta you can visit the Hunger Games actually filming location so you can see a movie set based off the popular book too!

  • That’s really lovely. Encouraging kids to read is definitely one of the best things we can do as parents. It would be nice to do whatever we can to get them interested.

  • Great tips! I know I always loved reading, ever since I was a kid and my parents did a lot of these things. I want to be able to pass along my love of reading to my future kids as well.

  • Reading is one of the greatest gifts you could ever give a child!! These are all great tips and ways to make reading fun for kids!!

  • Love your tips! We started reading to our LO when we brought him home. He is 16 months old now, and loves to grab a book and look at the pictures or have me read to him. It is surprising what an influence starting so early had on him, but I am very thankful.

  • visiting a location somewhere and nearly as the same of a book you just read is a good idea! kids will totally relate!

  • These are outstanding suggestions. And actually many of them are great for adults. I have always wanted to visit an area where books have been written from. I will actually buy a book if its about the area where I am from.

  • Reading is really a family thing. I love books because my father was always reading, everything from magazines and the daily newspaper to long novels. My favorite thing to do as a kid was to listen to a book on a cassette tape and follow along with a book in hand. I still spend hours a week reading, but wish I had time to make it a daily thing!

  • These are great ways to make reading fun and magical for children. I love the idea of laying on a blanket outside in the summer and laying on the blanket in the living room. That is what I would do with my boys when they were little .

  • I had too many childhood favorites to list. I do appreciate the list you have here. What a fun idea to visit the setting where a book took place.

  • Reading was my favorite hobby when I was a kid. There is nothing more magical than being immersed in a whole new world. I love seeing all of these quotes and it makes me happy to see other kids these days reading books when we live in a world full of electronics.

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