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72 Hours In Seattle + the First Starbucks! A Guide For Family Fun

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We had always wanted to go to Seattle! Things like the first Starbucks and the Space Needle were calling our names!! Thanks to KIA for providing us a beautiful KIA Sorento for us to drive around and enjoy while we explored this really great place.

This was a bucket list trip in a lot of ways. Maddie has always wanted to see Seattle and Halloweentown in St. Helen, Oregon so we decided to surprise her with a graduation trip! Since she graduated back in June, we told her about it then, but kept many aspects of it a secret until we actually left.  

The first big surprise was flying in first class. We normally travel in premium cabins, but this time we took up almost the whole cabin as many seats were empty. It was pretty awesome! 

We love our partnership with KIA and having a Sedona at home to drive. For this trip, we chose a Sorento just to mix it up a bit. Landing at the airport and having a car waiting with exceptional navigation, especially when the rain is coming down, was the best. We love how KIA's drive in all the different weather. In fact, we have even tested them out in the snow, and they always impress us.

Our first day in Seattle was actually spent driving to Oregon. The changing leaf color left us all in awe, and of course, we must have looked like tourists. Since we get practically no leaf color change at home, we stopped every chance we could get to see the beautiful colors!

About four or so hours later, we made it to Halloweentown. 

The girls have all grown up watching the movies and knowing that it was filmed here in St. Helens was really cool for them. They walked in the same places that are featured in the movies and pointed out all sorts of insider facts. 

During the weekends we heard it gets pretty busy and there are a lot more things happening.

We all had a great time and picked up some coffee for the drive back!

Seattle is such a walkable place and when we got back into town we explored more and then had dinner. We also tried to count all of the coffee shops that are on practically every corner, but lost track. There are SO MANY!

The next morning it was time to see some famous landmarks:

Pike Place Market is a must. Fresh flowers, fruits, veggies, food and so much more!

We even saw the first Starbucks ever, on Pike Place. 

Then it was time to see the Space Needle.

The view from above was pretty spectacular and it is something worth seeing at least once.

The last thing on our list was with the Seattle underground tour. Maddie loves ghost stories and historical fun so we knew this would be a hit….and it was. 

Loved this view on the flight home!

The vlog at the top of this post covers all 3 days of our trip. You can see we had an amazing time. We've decided to come back and see more of Seattle in the summer for a completely different experience and of course to enjoy more of that delicious coffee it is known for!

Have you been to Seattle?

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