7 Quick & Easy Ways To Get Kids Moving

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seven quick and easy ways to get kids moving

I’m preparing for school to get out for the summer… I think all of us parents are.

It’s one of my favorite times of the year because the girls are all home and we get to spend more time together. I still have to be able to get some work done and I don’t want the girls (especially the little one) just sitting around all day when I’m on the computer so I came up with seven ways to get my kids moving. They are all really easy things that don’t seem like exercise to them… just fun!

Here are 7 Quick & Easy Ways To Get Kids Moving 

1. House Runs. We actually call them house runs and we all do them often. We start at the front door and we run around the whole house doing loop after loop. We make it a competition based on speed, like who gets five laps done first, or we set an amount of time, (say ten minutes) and whoever does the most laps in that time wins! PS. The kids always win!

kids running

2. Ice Catches. This is a favorite warm weather activity. We toss a piece of ice back and forth and if you don’t catch it, or it melts in your hand you have to do 10 jumping jacks.

indoor fun for kids

3. Stair crawls. Exactly as it sounds. We crawl up the stairs and carefully walk back down. I’m not sure why they love doing this but they do!

4. Imaginary jump rope. Pretend you have a jump rope and do all sorts of crazy, wild, creative jumps! The kids thing this is crazy fun and it gets quite animated! If you actually have a jump rope you can totally use that too!

get kids moving

5. Dance party in the kitchen! Or the family room, or really anywhere! We rotate through the kids and let them each pick a song to dance to. 

6. Walk like an animal. Everyone picks an animal and you have to walk around and pretend to be one. This can go on for hours!

7. The movement game. Put different movements on different cards like run, walk, jump, skip etc. and let the kids take turns pulling out a card and doing the movement it says. Bonus points if you let the kids pick and write out the movements.

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