5 Ways To Work Smarter And Be More Organized

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Working smarter not harder is kinda our thing. Pete and I both work long hours and when there is a way to make the everyday tasks quicker and easier we jump at the opportunity. This is a sponsored post partnership with Leitz showing 5 Ways To Work Smarter With The Leitz Icon Smart Labeling System.

This post was written by both Pete and I.


There are so many ways that you can get slowed down when you are working.

From letting new emails stop you from working on your current project, to slow office technology… it can be a big time drainer. It doesn’t have to be that way. I’ve learned to time block, and add a time for emails so that I’m not constantly stopping to answer them. That has helped a lot but I am always looking for ways to do even better. Now that Pete and I both have the planning and time blocking under control it was time to focus on the tools we use to get our jobs done.  


We both realized that organizing our offices needed to be a priority and a label maker was the solution.

When we received the Leitz Icon Smart Labeling System I was really impressed at the aesthetics of it. It’s sleek and good looking enough to want to have out on our desks. It’s also compact so it doesn’t take up too much space. We thought we would just label our folders and that was it… but the more we used the labeling system, the more ways we found that it helped us save time and get organized.


Here are our 5 Ways To Work Smarter With The Leitz Icon Smart Labeling System:

1. Label folders for work you need to do, and work that is competed. Add work that is done to one and work that still needs to be done to another. I always end up with two piles on my desk. Open tasks and competed ones. The problems always start with me adding more papers to my desk and everything getting mixed up. It’s also great because if you are working on the go (like I often do) you can just grab your folder with work to do and go!

2. Do you have receipts everywhere? I used to… but now I have a nice and neat box labeled withe expenses to drop them in. At the end of the month I just grab them all and put them into another folder labeled with the month.  

3. Return address labels take no time at all to print and are way easier to use than writing out your address multiple times. The Leitz Icon Smart Labeling System can print up to 200 labels per minute. Pete and I were both really impressed at how fast it prints and how clear and professional they look. It’s the fastest printer in the world!


4. Print mailing labels on white paper labels, die cut labels for mailings and plastic labels for more permanent filings or archives. You no longer need three printers to get the job done. There is no need to switch between paper trays or machines. You just switch the label cartridge and keep printing.

5. Label items with a picture as needed. Do you have something that is better explained with a picture or graphic? This will do that for you easily! It’s wifi enabled so the whole office can use it, and you can design custom labels with text, graphics, photos and bar codes.


Leitz Icon works with Windows, Mac, iOS and Android smartphones and tablets. The easy drop-in labeling cartridges makes it easier than ever to get the job done quickly – even if that means changing label sizes. With an MSRP of only $149.99 it’s very reasonably priced. The cartridges are also made out of sustainable materials.

Learn more about where to purchase The Leitz Icon Smart Labeling System.

What are your tools for being more organized and working smarter?

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