5 Tips To Feel Your Best During Spring

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 five tips to feel your best during spring

The weather in San Diego has been crazy lately… but that’s spring for you!

One day it’s hot (like in the 90’s) and the next it’s drizzly and cold. I’ve come to accept it and enjoy each change. The one thing I haven’t accepted is how it makes me feel. Stuffy from allergies or sluggish from a lack of vitamins. Thanks to CVS… I don’t have to and neither do my kiddos!

Here are five tips to feel your best during spring…

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1. Get some exercise. Go for a walk… jump in the air… all while enjoying the fresh spring air!

If allergies are a concern for you head on over to CVS. They have CVS Childrens Indoor/Outdoor Allergy Relief in a Grape Flavor and also CVS 12-Hour Itch Relief Allergy Eye Drops 60-Day Supply to help you feel your best and to be able to get out there and get a work out in!

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2. Take your vitamins.

It’s so easy to forget about us moms and dads, but we have to make sure that we are taken care of too! Springtime is the perfect time for vitamins as we get ready for summer and all that heat! Radiance Platinum Women’s Multivitamin Tablets are plant-based and 100% preservative free and can be found at CVS. I’ve been taking my vitamins with my morning coffee. This makes it part of my routine, and that has been helping me to not forget to take them!

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3. Don’t forget your immune system.

Eat fresh fruits and veggies that are in season and consider an extra boost with CVS Kids AirShield gummies! We love to make huge fruit salads and snack on them throughout the day. The more colorful the better! 

cvs otc medications for spring

4. Have the right tools on hand.

We keep pain relievers and cold wraps on hand to keep us going even when we have little spills! We have lot’s of handstands (and misses) happening at our house so these are a must for our medicine cabinet!

work out must haves cvs

5. Stress Less.

Stress takes away everything that is special and beautiful about spring. Stop worrying and start doing more of what you love! Spend time with a friend, take a class to learn something new or just get some extra rest at night!

What is your favorite part of spring? 

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