5 Simple Tips To Better Yourself Right Now

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5 Simple Tips

As a new year starts, I find myself thinking and planning new ways to make life better for my family and myself.

2015 was a great year for us.  We took many trips as a family, met lots of great people, and had countless great experiences.  In addition, I improved my fitness level through my commitment to Crossfit, and worked hard to improve my nutrition. But, there is still plenty of room for improvement. I plan on 2016 being even better with a few simple tweaks. 
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Here are some changes we can all make to better ourselves right now.


1. Be Open to New Ideas – As anyone that knows me well would tell you, I am pretty set in my ways.  Ok….in other words I am really stubborn. When I find something I like, I don’t like to change.  However, as I look back, I realize that often change can be good.  Most of the positive things that have happened in my life over the years have come about when I decided to step out of my comfort zone and try something new.  This year I’ll be more open to new opportunities as ways of doing things.
2. Work More Efficiently – I am self employed and set my own schedule.  Working hard has never been my problem.  In fact, I have a tendency to overwork myself.  Putting in the long hours is not what it is about….it is about efficiency.  In 2016 I will constantly be looking for ways to work smarter, and not necessarily harder. It is not the number of hours worked, but the amount of work that is done….regardless of the time it takes to get there.
3. Set Fewer Goals –  I know….I probably lost you here, but bear with me. I love goals….I have lots of them.  In fact, I have too many of them!  I find myself making some progress in a lot of different areas, but never reaching many of the goals I set. When I pare down my goal list, and focus on attaining 1 or 2 goals at a time, I am always more successful.  So this year, I’m limiting myself on the goals I set, and success will follow.
4. Focus on Fun – When you really break things down, life should be fun.  If its not fun, then things need to change. With business and the other stresses of life, sometimes I lose track of this one simple thing. In 2016, I plan to be more aware of opportunities to have fun for myself and for the family.  The ironic thing is, when I have more fun, it usually translates into success in other areas of life.
5. Stay Organized – When my desk is neat and organized, I feel much more efficient. When my car is clean, I enjoy driving it much more.  When my closet is organized, its easier for me to pick out my clothes for the day.  These are just little examples, but they make a big difference in the way I feel about myself.  I took a big step today and cleaned out my closet.  I put lots of clothes in a pile to donate and only kept the clothes I intend to actually wear!  There are lots of opportunities to get and stay organized in my life, and I intend to work hard at this in 2016
So, that’s my list.  I’m sure my list is a little different than most, but these are things that will really make a difference in my life…and maybe yours? By putting these 5 simple things into practice, 2016 Should be a good year!!


What is at the top of your 2016 to-do list?

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