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5 Reasons You Will Love Visiting Newport Beach

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I live in San Diego and have for over 15 years now… but I was born and raised in Newport Beach. I’ve known for a long time how lucky I was to get to see this beautiful place each and every day when I was younger, but it took me moving away to really appreciate it. If you haven’t been to Newport Beach, I have 5 reasons you will love visiting Newport Beach!



1. Most people immediately think of the beach, but I think of the the food first.

It’s some of the best around! My personal favorite is Italian food, because there are so many amazing restaurants for pasta… but Mexican food is abundant too. I joke (in a serious way) that the reason I go back home so often is to have some good food. Those that really know me know that it’s true! See more of the amazing dining options in Newport Beach.

2. You will love Balboa Island.

It’s right off Pacific Coast Highway and a little bridge takes you onto the island. Growing up I would go for a walk on the island every night with my dog Buddy. We loved to watch the boats go by and while sitting on a bench. There are short public piers to walk on and your visit isn’t complete until you have a chocolate covered frozen banana. I always get mine with rainbow sprinkles (don’t judge) but you can get them with nuts or other toppings too! Dad’s makes some of the best frozen bananas, but they also have other treats… and it’s also where my uncles worked their first jobs!

3. You will fall in love with the beaches in Newport.

Oh my! The beaches are amazing in Newport Beach. They are perfect for playing in the sand, laying out and soaking up some rays with your family. If you have a surfer in your family… or just want to watch it head to the wedge.  It’s at the end of the peninsula and is known for it’s world class swells. 

(photo credit Visit Newport Beach)

4. Newport Beach has some of the best shopping around.

Fashion Island has everything from amazing restaurants to a movie theater. But I think most people will agree that they shopping is what they are famous for. I’ve been going to Fashion Island since I can remember and now we go there to take my kids shopping for back to school clothes and to do our holiday shopping.

boat ride
5. Don’t forget to have fun on a boat.

Whale watching, fishing and luxurious yacht rides await you. The girls love to go Whale Watching (as do I) and a sunset dinner cruise is what dreams are made of! You pretty much can’t go wrong with any form of sailing in Newport Beach.

When you plan a getaway, don’t you want to make it a place where all of your senses are invited to come along?

Where eyes can take in towering seaside cliffs overlooking pristine beaches. Ears can perk up to the sounds of a classic Southern California boardwalk. The nose is tempted by sweets from an old-time candy store. And taste buds satisfied with fresh seafood at an oceanfront eatery. In Newport Beach, even your sense of touch can be indulged, with a rejuvenating spa treatment at a luxury resort. This is enrichment at a deeper level. In a place where casual meets refined. Natural meets handcrafted. And each of your five senses meets lots of great reasons to come out and play. There’s a sense of something different. In Newport Beach. Enriching in every sense. We invite you to plan your unforgettable stay at

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