5 Reasons You Should Have Fresh Flowers In Your Home

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Imagine opening your door to find a box full of the freshest flowers each and every month… it’s now possible with our partner, BloomsyBox. Once I got these beauties out of their box, I said to myself “I need to have fresh flowers in our house more often” and these 5 Reasons You Should Have Fresh Flowers In Your Home popped into my head.
  1. Flowers are a great natural deodorizer. Floral scents make every home smell that much better.
  2. Flowers Make every room in your home look better. They bring out the accent color of the room.
  3. Flowers make you smile. You can’t look at a fresh bouquet of flowers and not be happy.
  4. Flowers bring the outdoors indoors which is especially nice when the outdoor weather isn’t good.
  5. Flowers are beautiful. They can raise your mood like nothing else!


I love having fresh flowers in the home, but I don’t love having to shop for flowers that are truly fresh. I always end up with less than new flowers that don’t last as long as they should, or I forget to buy the flowers all together. Thankfully there is a new monthly subscription called BloomsyBox that takes all the guesswork away from buying flowers and sends you the perfect local flowers directly to your door each month.

monthly flower delivery

I was so excited to try BloomsBox for myself.
My flower experience started with a very well packed crate box of flowers. They were perfectly secured and oh so fresh!

flowers in a box

Not only were they perfectly presented, but the scent was amazing!

delivery flowers

Each delivery is also sent with a card that explains the type of flower you have received and the proper care of it so there is no guesswork there either.

flowers delivered in the mail

Check out these sweet blooms! They were just on the verge of opening when I got them and they lasted weeks!

fresh flowers in the mail

Not only are these perfect to purchase for yourself, but a monthly subscription from BloomsyBox would also be an awesome gift for the chic and discerning friend in your life that is excited to try new things, and learn through discovery.  I’ve already reminded Pete about 50 times how much I LOVE having flowers at home… especially when they are delivered directly to me each month.

bloomsybox flowers

What is your favorite flower?
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  • Those flowers really are beautiful! I love having fresh flowers in my home too. The convenience of having them delivered sounds wonderful.

  • I love having fresh flowers in my home. They are so pretty and make the place smell so nice.

  • I think this would make a great gift for someone who loves flowers. It might also be nice to have these delivered to your office to help brighten up the old cubicle.

  • What an amazing business idea, flower subscriptions! –Also YES YES YES. Flowers are a must. I’m trying to plan my garden this year so that I’m able to have tons of fresh flowers inside AND out! <3

  • I love having fresh flowers in the house. I will often take a bouquet like this and put the flowers in several mini-vases so I can enjoy them in several rooms.

  • I love having fresh flowers in my home. They have such a presence in the room that I display them. Bloomsy Box looks lovely!

  • I absolutely love flowers! I wish I could have them in my home everyday. Those are so pretty.

  • Nothing beats that smell… the smell that brightens anyone’s day… fresh flowers. Beautiful colors too!

  • Those are some beautiful flowers! I’ve always loved having flowers around the house. I think they smell so wonderful and they’re so beautiful as well.

  • I’m glad you were successful and happy with your flowers in a box. I prefer receiving flowers from a real flower shop, where they have been kept in the cold chain, cut, treated and carefully hydrated before being hand-delivered.

  • Who wouldn’t love to get fresh flowers every month, and what’s great is that you get to learn how to maintain them too. I love the concept! Thank you for sharing your experience with them!

  • I love fresh flowers however my husband is allergic so we can’t keep them long or at all. I agree having flowers in the house is refreshing. I keep a bunch silk flowers around instead of fresh.

  • Something as simple as having fresh flowers in the home can make such a difference in the space, and our mood!

  • I love fresh flowers! I don’t have them at our home all the time, but love adding them as an accent piece when we have company or during holidays!

  • These are beautiful flowers. It always makes a room look nice when you have fresh flowers. These would make a great gift.

  • My husband brings home fresh flowers for me every Friday. Love having them in the house!

  • I LOVE the unique colors and shape these flowers have! I would love to have a bunch on my table top too.

  • I love having fresh flowers here at home. If only I could have them all the time though. They can be pretty expensive. 🙂

  • Love the flowers and what a great idea to get them every month too. The flowers you got are very pretty. I am more of a roses kind of gal. I don’t usually care for any other flower than them. But what a great gift idea.

  • Those are just gorgeous! I have no disagreements about this post, I would love to have fresh flowers in my home at all times. I love the smell and the look of them all!

  • What a neat service! This would be the perfect gift for my husband’s grandmother. She LOVES flowers, and she’s so hard to buy for.

  • Fresh flowers are inviting, they smell good and bring a beautiful spirit in the house. That’s the way my mom explained it to me as a kid.

  • Omg what beautiful flowers!!!! Now this is a box I definitely need to look into. Nothing better than fresh flowers.

  • Wow those flowers are beautiful! I can’t believe they lasted weeks in your home, I need those types of flowers. I have always wanted to decorate my home with flowers but just never got around to doing the research for that. Thanks for giving me a heads up about bloomsybox, I will be getting my flowers from them for now on.

  • I love fresh flowers, just wish they weren’t so expensive. But this subscription box seems like a really good deal.

  • Flowers always make lovely accents in a home. They never fail to brighten a room. My Mom loves flowers and we always have our fresh batch each week.

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