5 Family Tech Trends from CES

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ces 2015 las vegas

Last week I traveled out to Las Vegas for the worlds largest convention of tech minds and products. 

I was there for exactly 24 hours and I filled every second of my time meeting with clients and discovering the newest family tech trends. From washing machines that might even make washing clothes fun to much smarter and earth friendlier dryers, I left with a renewed sense of how exciting 2015 is going to be for tech products that will make our lives better and easier.

ces 2015 recap

I started my day learning about LG’s new Twin Wash Washing Machine.

It’s a washing machine under a washing machine that can be used at the same time as the top unit. That was a lot to say… but what is really great about this is that you can wash items separate, but at the same time. This would be perfect for those that use cloth diapers or for my husbands work shirts, just to name a couple uses.

ces 2015 favorites

My next stop was with BOSCH where I saw the Dremel 3D Idea Builder.

I was mesmerized by this cool product! You can program what you want it to make and then sit back and let it do it’s job. For someone like me that is not crafty in the sense that I can’t draw or knit… but I can come up with super crafty ideas, this is revolutionary. It even made this frog! 

ces 2015 top tech finds

Since I’m going to be buying a dryer soon I was really into the innovations being made with them.

The Whirlpool HybridCare™ Heat Pump Dryer is something I’m going to be watching. It recycles the heat to continue drying the clothes instead of having to heat more. Brilliant if you ask me. Because clothes can take longer to dry with this technology the hybrid aspect was added in so that if you need your clothes dried quicker you can do that too! 

ces 2015 trends

Wearable health trackers are here to stay.

I’m thrilled about this one. I didn’t have time to see all the offerings in this department because it has grown so much. Pete and I are going to be getting new ones and I’m still trying to decide which one to get. I thought this would help me narrow down which one… but instead I just came home with more options I wanted to research. I’ll definately be sharing more about that soon. What I do know is that this technology is going to change self care forever. We are learning more and more everyday how important sleep is and I’m excited to see the advances in sleep tracking and practical ways we can use this info for better health.

ces tech reviews

It’s okay to be pretty and functional, especially when you are a household item.

Word is out that women do the majority of the decision making and shopping for home goods. It’s also known that we like things that make our home look better. We also want things to be functional. Making them pretty and functional is the way of the future. Even better is the option to change the look without having to buy a whole new unit. Much like how we change our phone cases. It will be interesting to see if this actually comes to fruition with the washer and dryer or not. Either way I see much more focus on aesthetics being an important design feature.

Next year I will definitely try to schedule more than a day for CES. I don’t think even a week would be enough time to see all of it… but another 24 hours would be a nice start!  

What tech trends are you most excited about?


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