5 Day Money Making Blog Crash Course – Day 2

DISCLOSURE: The links below to Bluehost are affiliate links. This means that we earn some revenue (at no cost to you) when you click through our link(s) and set up your service. This helps us offset the costs of the free training we provide and allows us to better serve you. Our sites are hosted by Bluehost and we are big fans of their service.

Now that you have your domain decided, it is time to get your site set up!

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CAUTION: When setting up your blog, make sure to click through one of the below Bluehost links. That will automatically ensure that you are getting the best price available, a free domain (.com) for the 1st year, and also the correct version WordPress automatically installed for you. Oh, and don’t forget the WP Fast Launch course that we’ll give you for FREE!

A note about cost: Having your site self-hosted will cost you a little bit of money.  For our recommended provider Bluehost, that cost is $59.40 for the first year (for the Basic plan).  This is a small price to pay to get your own business started.  It’s an investment that can pay off over and over again if you put in the work. This is the best deal out there right now, and there are no legitimate hosts that have a better price.

So, without further delay, here is what you need to do to get started…don’t worry, it is really pretty easy!

***I highly recommend you watch this walkthrough video where Pete shows you the steps. If you would rather go through the screenshot steps, those can be found below the video. 



Bluehost is the largest WordPress hosting company and are trusted by millions of bloggers (including us).  This current deal (which is the best you will find anywhere) is as low as $2.75/mo depending on the plan you choose. 

Make sure you see this image (it looks a little different on mobile, but you will see us on the beach:

Select “Get Started Now” which is the big green button. You will see this page next:

There are 3 Choices for Packages: Basic, Plus, and Choice Plus

If you are limited on budget, the Basic plan will suit your needs just fine.

But, if you have a little bit extra budget that you can commit, the Choice Plus plan probably has the best value for the 36-month package. For that, you get these included: free domain privacy, free CodeGuard Basic, and SpamExperts. The really interesting feature is that if you decide to run more than one blog, you can host it on your same Bluehost account for no additional cost (except for purchasing an extra domain.)

Click SELECT on your preferred plan to move to the next step.

As you’ll see on the above screenshot, there are 2 options:

Create a new domain – If you do not already own a domain for your blog yet, enter in your preferred domain name in this box and click NEXT

Use a domain you own – If you already own a domain (registered somewhere else probably), then enter your domain name in this box and click NEXT

If you are on this page for a little bit, it will pop up with this option:

If you don’t have your domain figured out yet, you can just select “Choose Free Domain Later”

Next, you will see this page if you entered a domain and it is available:

Then, fill in your order information.

In the circled area above, you will also need to select the length of time you want your plan to be. The longer the length of time you pay for upfront, the cheaper the monthly price will be.

***Keep in mind, if you want to switch the plan type to Choice Plus or Basic, you’ll need to go back to the previous screens to do that.

As you’ll see above, there are some boxes that are already checked.

At this point, you’ll need to decide what package extras to go with. We do recommend Domain Privacy Protection (so your name and contact information is not visible in the public domain registry). But, if you are on a budget, you can uncheck those extra boxes  to keep your cost down.

The next section in the above screenshot is the Payment Information.  Enter your credit/debit card information there.

The final step is to check the box agreeing to the terms, and press the green Submit button!

Congrats!!  You did it! You are now officially a blog owner. But, you are not done yet for today!


Great work on setting up your blog!  That is a big step, and hopefully, you will look back at this as a very important day in your life. Tomorrow we will discuss how to get your blog set up and looking good!!

Did you start your blog today? We have 2 quick things for you to do:

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