3 Ways To Instill Good Study Habits In Your Teen

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I’ve partnered with the HEALTHY ESSENTIALS® to share tips to instill good study habits in teens.

Now that the rush of back-to-school is starting to subside, it is even more important to instill good study habits in our teens.

It always feels so exciting when school starts back up again for teens, but then it can quickly burn out. The motivation starts to slow down, and that is when we as parents need to jump into action. I remember this myself when I was a teen; so I make sure to take steps ahead of time to combat this with my children.

The good news is by instilling study habits in your teens early on, they can stay engaged with their studies and have a happy, successful school year.

Here are our favorite study habits:

Keep a daily to-do list

This one is small yet so important and can really impact a teen's success, especially when it comes to their studies. Get them in the habit of writing out or using an app on their phone to keep track of everything they need to accomplish that day. Have them highlight the amount of time they need to dedicate to studying, and then help them build the rest of their list around the time they have available after studying. This is also a great lesson in time management and prioritizing.

Use only as directed

Help them create a good study area.

Make sure it has all the tools they need to get the most out of the time they spend studying. When we created study areas for Maddie and Ash, we made sure that they were motivating (the beach sign in Ashley's room), but also distraction-free, so there are no electronics there unless they are needed for the project. We keep paper, pens, a really good lamp, and VISINE® DRY EYE Relief available, especially during the upcoming dry fall months. This was something that I used in college, and I can't even begin to share how much it helped me. The last thing you want is to be all motivated to get work done, and then not be able to do it because your eyes are uncomfortable.

I'm sharing the rest of my tips on HEALTHY ESSENTIALS®. Hop on over here to see them all!

What are your favorite study tips?

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