24 Hours In San Jose with Eggo

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This is a sponsored post on behalf of Eggo. All opinions expressed are mine and Maddies.

A few weeks ago, Maddie and I set off on a new adventure to San Jose to meet with the awesome people at Eggo. We are partnering with them to share their new Eggojis. This blog post was sponsored by Eggo, but the opinions are completely my own based on my experience. Having grown up saying #LeggoMyEggo, I of course was thrilled to be able to share this experience with Maddie!
l'eggo my eggo


Since we had such a short trip to San Jose, Maddie and I packed in a lot of things.

We checked into our hotel and then went straight to downtown. We both love the high energy of city life, so we soak it in whenever we can. It’s also a rare occasion for us to spend time alone these days. We try to plan some time to be together and catch up, but that doesn’t happen as often as we would like. So we really loved this quick trip.


The next morning we headed to the Eggo Factory and took a tour through their production plant.

I can sum up the factory tour in three words. Smelled So Good! Seriously it smelled like Sunday morning family breakfast from my childhood. Think fresh waffles times 100. I wanted to reach out and eat one, but they are pretty strict on that, so I kept my hands and body far from the food and equipment. Thankfully we would be doing a lot of Eggo eating later, so I left with a full tummy!


Then it was time for some more fun!

The secret part or our trip was that we were there to learn about and create Eggo Eggoji’s! This is such a brilliant and natural progression from emojis! Now you can speak in “Eggojis”! Maddie and I send each other emojis all the time. I feel like that is our “language” now. Feeling hungry? There is an emoji for that. Feeling mad, yep there is one for that too! But, now we can take it to the next level with Eggojis! Can you tell I’m a little (a lot) excited?


After we learned all about the new Eggojis, Maddie and I set off to make some of our own.

Neither of us considers ourselves very creative on the crafting front, but give us food to play with and watch out world! We had so much fun. I stopped Maddie just before she started picking out her “material” and she was totally like “take the picture quick, I’ve got big ideas”. Love this girl!


The first ones we made were kinda practice ones. We weren’t sure what we wanted to say with our Eggojis. Then it all started to click!


I was all about zen, peacefulness, and California! This was my California dreaming Eggoji!


Followed by my acai bowl Eggoji. Yes, I’m totally a Southern California girl!


Maddie on the other hand was all about being sneaky, snarky, and all around badness. I love her devil Eggoji!


After an afternoon of Eggoji making, we were starving! So we headed to a special room set up with some creative and tasty Eggo treats!



I’m going backwards from how they were served to us because, Eggo hamburgers (ice cream sandwiches)! Need I say more? This was brilliant! There was a “pickle” made out of grapes, cheese that was a mango slice, chocolate ice cream “meat”, and a strawberry “tomato”. I am totally making this for Emmy soon. She will LOVE it!


There were Eggo tacos!

And Eggo cheese and ham sandwiches!


We had the best time ever, and are so excited for the new Eggojis! Maddie and I will now have a new “language” to speak! You can download them here for both Android and iOs.

These are our favorite Eggojis, and there are a bunch more to choose from!

Next time Maddie asked to go spend a fortune at the mall…. I will simply text back “Nope”!


Wake up time will be much easier with a simple text message of “Rise and Shine”
rise and shine

…and when she still doesn’t wake up… “Wake Up” will be sent over!
wake up

Then there is “unicorn”. This is Maddie’s favorite! I just know this will be coming my way 1,000 times a day! Bring. It. On!


There are many more Eggojis to explore and experience. Download the app here and let me know what your favorite Eggoji is!

Follow Eggo on Twitter at for more!

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