24 Hours In Hollywood

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Last weekend Maddie, Emmy, and I headed up to Hollywood for a quick overnight stay as we get excited for the 2016 Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards! To celebrate, Emmy got to “slime” Maddie and we all got to see the new Rav4 Hybrid with partner Toyota. We had the best time!20160305_123841

We started our adventure by checking into our hotel. It never takes Em more than a couple seconds to do this. She loves staying at hotels! She tells me all the time how relaxing they are, even ones in the middle of NYC are relaxing to her!


After we were situated in our room, we headed out for a bite to eat. I think I counted 13 different vegan restaurants within a 15 minute drive so it took us a bit of time to decide on one. I looked at so many menus, and when I saw one that had lasagna, I knew where we were going. It was delicious and gave us the fuel we needed for an afternoon of fun!


Emmy took 1,000 selfies on the way back to the hotel and then we headed down to Hollywood and Highland Center!


Toyota is helping everyone get excited for the Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice awards and they threw a little party to celebrate. There was everything from sliming to dressing up! And the main guest was the new RAV4 Hybrid! 


We got to see the inside and it is really nice, and really roomy! A really fun vehicle! 


When Emmy was in the RAV4 she saw a tattoo table so we headed over there next!

After that, she joined the DJ, and had a little dance off with some other kids!

This is the point where she saw you could get slimed. I thought for sure she wanted to get slimed, and then she told us that she wanted Maddie to get slimed, and that she wanted to pull the string to dump the slime. Maddie was not thrilled! 


Being an awesome big sister, she went along with it. I sat there and thought about how this would have been my dream come true when I was younger. I can’t even tell you how many times I dreamed of getting slimed whenever Nickelodeon showed it happening!

I’ve watched this video 100 times. It never gets old! 

After Maddie had a moment to get cleaned off (green slime leaves a mark, haha!) we headed out and did some sightseeing!

We are so excited to watch the Kids’ Choice Awards this weekend and we can’t wait to see some celebrities getting slimed too!

Did you dream of getting slimed too?

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