10k Traffic Challenge – Day 9

Twitter For Bloggers

Unfortunately, Twitter is often overlooked, especially by new bloggers.

But, Twitter can be an awesome source of traffic for bloggers if used properly.

Twitter prioritizes the popularity of tweets over how recent they are in their algorithm. The key to getting your tweets to show to more people is to have as much interaction as possible.

Interaction on Twitter is in the form of a like/favorite (heart), a retweet, and/or replies.

If your tweet starts getting interaction, then Twitter will prioritize it and show it to more users.

You can also use hashtags on Twitter. The point is not to come up with something cute or funny, but to find a relevant hashtag that other users will be searching for.

If they search a hashtag, and they like what your tweet is about, you may end up with a new follower. This will ultimately lead to more traffic and credibility on the platform.

Today’s assignment is going to show you how to build interaction for your tweets. Continue to the next section to learn how!

Day 9 Assignment – Twitter Like/Retweet Thread

Here is today’s assignment:

Step 1: Create a tweet on your Twitter account linking back to one of your blog posts. This can be done by using Method A or Method B below. Sometimes Twitter will not pull the correct (or any image) when you post a link, so in those cases, Method B may be your best choice.

Method A: copy the link of your blog post right to Twitter in the box where it says “What’s Happening”. Then, before the link, add some descriptive text that you think may get people to click, but don’t be deceptive. You can also add a relevant hashtag (1 or 2 max). Using this method will automatically pull the featured image from the post to use in your tweet.

Method B: Upload a photo directly (or up to 4 if you choose). After you do that, then insert your link to your blog post. Before the link, add in the descriptive text and a hashtag or two. The goal is to get people to click through to read your post, so choose your words and image(s) wisely. They need to stand out!

Step 2: After you tweet, copy a link to that tweet and place it in the Assignment thread for today. If you click on the menu in the upper right of the tweet you just posted, you will see an option to “copy link to tweet”. A box will pop up the has the direct link to your new tweet.


Do not add in any questions in the Twitter share thread… only the link to your tweet

Step 3: Go through the list of links on the thread, click the link and favorite (like) & retweet 10 tweets. The like/favorite button is the Heart symbol. The retweet symbol is the square arrow symbol.

Your tweet will then be exposed to all of the followers of those that like & retweet you. No need to add any comments when you retweet a link unless you feel like you want to. Also, take it somewhat slow. If you blow through the list too fast, Twitter may restrict your actions temporarily. So, just do a few at a time, then come back and continue.

When you have finished liking & retweeting a particular tweet, click the like button on the link in the share thread post on Big Blogs. There will be a count of likes for each. When any particular link has reached 10 likes, please move on to like/retweet other links in the thread so they will be spread out equally. Please consider interacting with the tweets towards the end of the thread as these will generally have less exposure.

You may wish to focus on those tweets that are similar to your niche.

A few notes:
Do not ask any questions in the Twitter share thread. Ask any questions in the Question thread.

If you put a link to a tweet in the Twitter share thread, you are committing to like & retweet 10 other tweets. Please make sure to finish your part of the deal!

Do not post a link to a tweet that is offensive, questionable, or controversial in any manner.

Make sure to have your Twitter profile completed if you want this to be effective for you. This includes your profile picture, cover photo, and description. In your description, make sure to link your website. If you need any guidance on this part, please refer to Day 1 where we covered this.

All links to tweets must be added to the Twitter share thread by 2/18/22 at midnight PST. Make sure all likes/retweets are completed by YOU by 2/19/22 at midnight PST.

Here is the 10k Challenge Day 9 Twitter Share Thread – Assignment Post.

Here is the 10k Challenge Day 9 Question Post.