10k Traffic Challenge – Day 3

Video For Bloggers

Video is becoming an increasingly powerful tool for bloggers.

It can generate some great traffic for your blog and also can also be a great tool to create a connection with your followers.

Many of the social networks, Facebook and Instagram specifically, are making a big push to feature as much video content as possible.

The online world will be moving even more towards video in the future.

Those bloggers that choose to embrace this will be rewarded greatly. This could be in the form or increased earning or an increased following.

The best part of video is that it becomes easier the more you do it. In 2021, videos that perform the best on social media are those that are NOT slickly produced. Your followers will appreciate raw and real videos that document your life much more than heavily “produced” content.

The bottom line is that producing regular video content will increase your social following and will, in turn, bring more traffic to your blog.

Watch this short video with additional information about video for bloggers.

Are you ready to venture into video? Read on in the next section for today’s assignment.

Day 3 Assignment

Today’s assignment is pretty simple but could be the most challenging for some.

Create a video and post it on one of your social accounts…Facebook, Instagram, Instagram Story, Twitter, or YouTube – Any of these can either be pre-recorded or live and they can be any length.

Video is very important in this climate for traffic. The goal is to get your feet wet with video. It doesn’t have to be anything scripted or polished.
Video can be very fun and engaging for your audience. We realize this assignment may be way out of your comfort zone. But remember, great progress comes when we venture outside of our comfort zones. So, have fun with it and just do it!
When you are finished, you can put a link to your video in the 10k Challenge Assignment Thread found HERE.


One note, if you did the challenge last month, it would be great if you did a new video for this month’s challenge. The more videos you do, the better you will get at them.

Please watch each others’ videos and reply on the platform where the video is posted with any positive comments about them!

EXTRA CREDIT!!: Do you have a YouTube account and would like to find some other group members in your same niche?

Similar to the Day 1 assignment, enter your information for your YouTube channel HERE.

The link to the corresponding spreadsheet is HERE.

Please subscribe to other group members’ channels that are in your niche and interact over time! This means watching their videos, giving them a thumbs-up, and/or commenting when they post a video. There are no following requirements for this list, but this builds on the concept of building a strong network of blogging friends to lean on.

Do you have any questions about today’s video assignment? Ask your questions in the 10k Challenge Day 3 Question thread HERE.