10k Traffic Challenge – Day 2

Blog Comment Threads

Comment threads are an important tool for bloggers to get interaction kicked off on their websites.

When a new blog post is made live, it can be hard to get momentum and interaction started in the comments.

Site visitors rarely want to leave the first comment and will comment much more frequently if there are already comments on a particular post.

A comment thread serves the purpose of getting the interaction and comments kicked off so other site visitors will feel right at home leaving their own comments.

Another benefit of comment threads is that it builds relationships between fellow bloggers. As part of a comment thread, you will be reading other bloggers’ posts and placing meaningful comments.

What better way to get to know each other than reading each others content?

It is critical for new bloggers to create connections with other friends and bloggers to get the interaction on their posts started.

A comment thread is a wonderful tool to build interaction and build relationships with other bloggers!

Ready to try your own blog comment thread? Move on to the assignment portion of today’s coursework in the next section.

Day 2 Assignment

Your assignment for today:

1. Find one of your favorite blog posts on your website and post a link to it as a reply to the Day 2 assignment post. (see link below)

PLEASE READ THESE RULES so we can keep this organized: Only copy the link to the blog post and paste it on the post. If you prefer (not mandatory), you can give a brief 1 or 2 sentence description of what your blog post is about. Make sure your link goes directly to your blog post, not just a general link to your website.

2. Allow some time for links to start showing up in the thread, then pick 5 posts that you want to go visit. If there are any posts that are in the same niche as your own blog, start with those first. Don’t just pick the first 5 listed (unless those are all within your niche). Scroll through all the options and keep in mind that the replies towards the end of the assignment thread may be getting less exposure, so consider giving them so attention. When you’ve decided you are going to comment on a particular blog post, click the “like” in the lower right-hand corner to indicate that you are commenting. If a post already has 5 likes, move onto another post to spread the exposure.

3. Go to those 5 different blog posts, read them, and leave a well-thought-out comment on each of those five posts. Please do not just say “nice post” or some other generic comment. You are also welcome to read and comment on more posts to get to know the blogger better.
There will be some variation. Keep in mind that you may not end up with 5 comments on your blog post as it may be someone random.

Test your link before you post it to the thread!

After you post your link, test it again. If for some reason the link doesn’t work, delete it right away, figure out why it is not working, and then post again. It is always best to copy and paste the link instead of typing it out in order to avoid broken links.

Please complete this assignment by 2/11/2022 at midnight PST.

When you are ready to add your link, put it in the assignment thread for Day 2 found here.

Note: Only post links in this thread. No questions, please.

Have a question about today’s coursework or assignment? Post it HERE in the Day 2 question thread.