10 Ways to Incorporate Glass Into Your Everyday Life

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Glass is a beautiful and natural container that brings beauty to whatever is inside it. I’m so excited to be sharing 10 ways to incorporate glass into your everyday life via this sponsored conversation with O-I, makers of over half the world’s glass packaging, and the proud sponsor of Glass Is Life. 

a glass bottles for water drinking

Glass is natural. It keeps our food safe and flavorful, and can be used over and over again.

Glass is made with three simple ingredients… sand, limestone and soda ash. That’s it! It also never breaks down into harmful chemicals, which protects our oceans. After the natural ingredients go through fire they magically become glass!

We’ve been adding more glass into our lives and it’s been a great change for us. I’ve found that it is the little every day things that add up so we’ve started taking little steps when adding more glass to our lives. Now that the holidays are here I’m incorporating these steps into this special time of the year too!

Here are 10 Ways you can Incorporate Glass Into Your Everyday Life too!

glass water bottles

1. Water bottles. Water is supposed to taste like water, not chemicals. A great thing about storing water and food in glass is that glass doesn’t change the flavors. Water tastes like water is supposed to taste like! On our recent trip up the coast we brought our glass water bottles with us. Glass is easy to clean and the water just tastes fresher and better.

memory jar

2. Glass is great to store treasures in. With glass being clear it’s the perfect way to safeguard while still being able to admire what’s inside. The girls collect rocks when we are out exploring as keepsakes and we store them in Le Parfait jars!


3. Food- There are so many reasons that glass makes a great storage container… from keeping food fresh to making sure that the only thing you can taste is the food and not the container that it was kept in. 

add more glass to your life

4. Serving Dishes- During the holidays I like to keep a Le Parfait jars on the counters with sweet treats and some healthy snacks. They are beautiful and make everything look fancier! 

glass candy jars

5. Decorations- Glass also makes a perfect decoration. Right now I have Le Parfait jars filled with candy but during the spring they will have rose buds! 

6. Gifts- This might be my favorite way to add more glass to my life. There are so many ways to gift glass and it’s always so well received. I have a few Le Parfait jars filled with festive colored candies that I can grab for last minute gifts. Gifting with glass makes whatever you are giving feel more special. 

glass is life

7. Baked Goods- Are you entertaining during the holidays? Baking in glass is the way to save time and make the presentation even better! I love to serve warm cookies in jars or individual cakes, but the possibilities are endless. Individual servings are so popular right now and I’m going to be making pies in them next! these also make great gifts!

8. Office Supplies- I can’t get enough glass now that I started adding more! I am redoing my home office and I plan to have a bunch of glass on my desk to keep all my office supplies organized. Pencils in one jar, pens in another!

9. To hold knick-knacks- Does your house have little things everywhere? Mine too! Glass is a great holder for all that!

10. Breakfast- We are having so much fun with this! The night before we make everyone their own breakfast in their own Le Parfait jar. The girls love it! It makes mornings so much better because they have this to look forward to and they are getting ready earlier and quicker so that there is definitely time for them to eat all their breakfast. So far we have been making over night oatmeal, yogurt parfaits, baked eggs, and leftovers from the night before <— my personal favorite! 

Bonus number 11- Glass make the perfect portable food container too. On the days I go into the office I’ve been taking my salad lunch in glass. It keeps it super fresh and the glass is very easy to wash in the sink at work. Or you could make this special treat…

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How do you add more glass to your life?

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