10 Ways Having A STARTplanner Will Change Your Life

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The number one thing that I do every single day that has the biggest positive impact on my whole life is to always use my planner. I am so happy to have partnered with STARTplanner for this sponsored post.


It took me only a couple hours after first using a planner to see why they are so important in a happy productive life, and it is now something I can’t live without. Seriously! I use my planner for so many things, and without it, I know that there would be important things in my life that would be forgotten, like when my daughter has early release from school, or when my next doctor appointment is. But there would also be other day-to-day things that I wouldn’t remember to do, like drink water. I’m at that point in my life where things that I should remember to do, like to stay hydrated slip through the cracks as I am distracted by work and family life. Having a planner to keep track of everything saves me over and over again! I have a lot of reasons I use a planner, and I’m so excited to share with you, my favorite ways having  STARTplanner will change your life like it has mine!

Plus STARTplanner is beautiful, and I love how it comes packaged. It instantly makes you want to start using it. I’m not sure if I will be able to wait until January!




I love that this planner marries business experience and beautiful design all in one. That to me is the perfect mix, and it encourages me to always use my planner. 

Here are the 10 extraordinary ways to use STARTplanner to change your life!

1.  I think big! The planner has a place for you to put your big dreams and goals. I love this part so much, I wanted to share it with you first. This is a place where you can keep coming back to whenever you need that motivation to keep on going and look at the big picture. You can refer back to it as you are making your day-to-day plans to make sure they align with your bigger goals.


2. They thought of everything, even a reminder to clean the sheets! I am the opposite and I change our sheets too often because I remember when I did it. I will often change them and then Pete will ask why I changed them when I had already changed them the day before. I’ve even changed them twice in one day thinking that I had forgotten to do it earlier. I do love the feeling of fresh from the laundry sheets, but I think I am taking it too far. 


3. There is a place for everything. I tend to keep planners with me wherever I go so they become a catch-all for important documents. I love that there is a slot in the back for me to keep everything in so that nothing falls out.


4. Passwords all in one place. I love using online password vaults, but there are a few passwords that I keep a hard copy of and I hate having to search for them. This works perfectly for me. I also keep our passport and travel info here so that I can locate it easily.


5. I still love having a monthly view calendar like this. I use Google Calendar for our families schedules, but I use this for holiday planning, paying bills and keeping track of medications. I couldn’t function without a paper calendar.


6. Budgeting made easy and at your fingertips! I love that I have everything in one place, including budgeting worksheets. I can easily keep track of income coming in and expenses going out without having to look all over the place for my financial folder. This way it will always be available.

7. A space for my notes and thoughts. I am constantly looking for a place to jot things down, and then by the time I need to find what I wrote down, it is gone forever. Having a place for all of these thoughts and ideas makes implementing them that much easier!


8. Turning goals into reality. There is even a spot for monthly mini goals. I use this to break down my lifetime goals from the front of the book into actionable items to get those goals done!

9. No more running out of groceries. Yes! There is a section for that too. Easily keep track of the groceries that you always need in the monthly grocery section, and add to it as the season or your tastes change. It is even making me dream of just shopping once a month. Can you imagine how much extra time you would have then?

10. Stay healthy. Working on a computer all day has benefits, but it also means that I’m not up and moving around as much as I like. Thankfully we take a lot of trips where I get to move around more, but I still have to be careful that I don’t gain weight. I really appreciate that there is a place for me to record my physical stats so that I can monitor them every month and make healthy choices to reach any health goals too.


I didn’t even talk about the aesthetics of the planner. It is really well made and beautiful to see and use. This is something that you will want to carry around with you. I love all the tips and inspirational words sprinkled throughout the planner too. It helps keep you motivated and living a happier, more productive life. I’ve already started filling it up with my goals and dreams, now I just need January to get here so that I can start using the calendar sections too! I can’ t wait!

The STARTplanner collection of planners is now available for 2017 so be sure to purchase one soon so that you have it ready to go on January 1st. This would also make an awesome present this holiday season and it comes in an adorable bag that is perfect for gift giving! Don’t make the same mistake I’ve made in the past and bought a generic store planner when you could have one that does so much more like STARTplanners do!

I have a STARTplanner promo/coupon code for you too! Use “Pencilmelovely” to get 3 free “Like a Boss” pencils when you purchase a planner using that code.

Do you use a planner?

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  • As an author, being organised and not procrastinating is something I could well benefit from. This planner looks like it would be very useful for someone like me. Thank you for that.

  • This is wonderful! I try to plan bit unless it’s written down …I forget or procrastinate. Will be looking into getting this planner. Thank you

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  • I am a school teacher and I would be lost without my planner. It is so important to have one and one that is high quality too.

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