10 Tools Every Blogger Needs To Make More Money

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10 Tool Every Blogger Needs To Make More Money. Sharing the tips we used to increase our income by over $10,000 a month.

One thing I know about bloggers is that we are never satisfied when it comes to growing our blogs. We don’t stop moving forward, and that goes for making money with our blogs too. 

The only thing that stops us is time. Since there is only so much time in the day, many of us professional bloggers use tools to help us maximize our time and our earning potential.

Over the years I have tried a lot of tools and plugins and these 10 help us make more money and also give us back more time each day to grow our blog and to spend time together as a family.

Here’s a list of 10 Tools Every Blogger Should Be Using If They Want To Make More Money:

1. Bluehost I’m starting with the most important tool- having a Bluehost self-hosted blog. If you don’t have this, the rest won’t matter. Bluehost is our recommended hosting provider because they are the biggest in the WordPress hosting business, they have over 2 million sites on their servers, they specialize in WordPress, and most importantly their customer service is beyond amazing.  

They have plans that go as low as $2.75 per month and that includes a free domain (special price for our readers). They also have more extensive plans that are a great deal too.  

If you are not on a self-hosted blog, we explain more about why you need to be here.

2. Constant Contact The email service that we recommend and use ourselves is Constant Contact. They are one of the largest email services in existence and they serve over 800,000 clients! Since they are so large, they are able to provide an easy-to-use platform that has all the features you could need.

One of the major things we love about Constant Contact is its simplicity. I don’t know how they did it, but their platform is so easy to understand (even for beginners). This is definitely not the case with most of the other email services.

Constant Contact is offering all of our students that click through THIS LINK a free trial. 

The FREE TRIAL  gives you a 2-month head start before you have to pay a dime. You don’t even need to enter a credit card to sign up.

Want to read more detail about email lists and Constant Contact? Here is an extensive blog post I wrote about it:

Why Email Services Are So Important For Bloggers

3. SEMrush Traffic is king when it comes to blogging. The more high-quality traffic that you get to your blog, the better your earning potential. One of the best ways to get free traffic (blog readers) is to make sure your posts are ready for the search engines to send you traffic. There is a lot to search engine optimization (SEO) and that is why we recommend signing up for SEMRush. They have a ton of free training that you have access to with your membership and have a special right now that you can get through our link for 7 day free to try their SEMRush Pro. This tool is invaluable and I can’t wait for you to try it and see just how life-changing it is for SEO. 

4. Termly Make it easy to have all the legal terms and disclosures that you need on your blog with Termly. They even have a free option to get you started. I love how easy it is to use and the peace of mind that comes from knowing that an expert is handling this for us.

5. Incfile. Incfile helps you with the formation of your business. From incorporation to starting an LLC, Incfile has the system down with very budget-friendly options. Some bloggers start a formal business entity when they start their blogs,  or as their blog’s success grows. Either way, Incfile has the perfect solution for you and your blogging business. Incfile even has an option for non-profits. We have used them multiple times in the past and were very happy with the whole process.

6. Fiverr  Fiverr is a service marketplace where you can get small jobs completed starting at just $5. Some examples of the types of “gigs” you can buy on Fiverr include logo design, video editing, voiceovers, proofreading, translations, business card design, WordPress help, and much more! As a blogger, I find myself needing all sorts of random things done, and many times it is much easier (and cheaper) to hire someone for a small job, than taking the time to learn how or do it myself.  Register for a free account to see everything that is available.

If you are looking for a logo, we have some recommendations on specific designers from past students who had some pretty fantastic logos made on Fiverr. You can see them all here: Our 10 Favorite Logo Designers on Fiverr.

7. Grammarly Here is another secret that I am going to let you in on…. you don’t have to be a perfect writer to be a blogger if you have GrammarlyGrammarly is a tool that alerts you when you make a spelling or grammar error, whether it is on a blog post, social media post, or email, and it will instantly suggest a change. They have a free version and a paid version (which is very reasonably priced and totally worth it).  I went with the paid version because it catches a lot more errors after I tried both. You can get Grammarly HERE.

8. Social Warfare See those share buttons at the top of my blog posts? Those are from Social Warfare. They make it super easy for my blog readers to share my posts and you can even have it show the number of times your posts have been shared.  Social traffic is so important to blogging, and the trick to getting as many as possible is to make it easy for your readers to do it. After I installed this plugin I saw an immediate increase in shares.  You can customize the platforms for your readers too, with buttons for Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and more! They have a free and a paid version. I have found the paid version to be well worth the low fee because of all the added features. Get Social Warfare HERE.

9. Tailwind I am so happy that I found Tailwind. I use it to manage and grow my Pinterest account and they have a brand new feature where you can easily design images for Pinterest too! It is so easy to use and makes scheduling posts so easy. It is also an approved app from Pinterest so I don’t have to worry that my account will get shut down or any other adverse action. With Tailwind you can schedule the same pin to post over and over again on different boards at whatever schedule you want. It also creates a custom posting schedule based on the best times to post for your audience. You can then go into the schedule and remove or add more slots. Tailwind is like having a very expensive Pinterest assistant working around the clock for you, without the high cost. There is so much traffic potential available from Pinterest and this has helped me grow my boards quickly! See Tailwind HERE.

10. Canva. When you need to quickly edit an image Canva is your best friend! Canva is a website that allows you to edit photos, or make detailed designs easily. It is really amazing how professional these images come out, and believe me, I am not an artist.  I use it for lots of things including photo editing for blog posts, graphics for Pinterest, YouTube thumbnails, and more. All of our Pinterest Pins, Social Media Covers, Facebook graphics that we made are done on Canva. You can get Get Canva PRO for free for 30 days HERE.  

Hopefully, you will enjoy these products as much as I do.  Better yet, I hope they make your blog more profitable too!!

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