10 Things You Should Never Say To Your Husband

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As I pointed out in 10 Things You Should Never Say to Your Wife, I am always surprised at the things people say to and about their spouses. Wives it’s your turn to receive the challenge of watching your words and NEVER saying these 10 things to your husband.

1. You are just like your father. They may in fact be very similar to their fathers, but when you say this not only are you saying that your husband is not his own man, but his father is not a very good man.

2. My mother warned me about you. Yikes! You obviously didn’t give your mother’s advice much thought back then, try not to bring up this unheeded advice. And bringing your mother into an argument is always very childish.

3. My Ex did this… Nothing gives a man more insecurity then comparing him to the other men in your life. Allow him to be different. Put your baggage down. You don’t want him to compare you to his Ex’s.

4. You Always… You Never… These are such strong statements to make. She may sometimes make a mistake or not do what you want. Saying “always” or “never” implies that she “always” makes you mad or “never” makes you happy.

5. Will you watch the kids, but try to… or don’t do… Don’t ask him to watch the kids for a night and then belittle his knowledge of your children or his ability to make wise decisions while watching them. Children are a joint venture. You are a team.

6. When are you going to get a new job? He may or may not want a new job. Saying this to your husband implies that what he does for the majority of his week is a waste of time and makes him feel inadequate in his work and providing for his family.

7. Maybe you should lose weight… If your husband has gained a little weight or a lot of weight, he more then likely already knows that he has and is trying to deal with it in his own way.

8. I’m Fine. Every man knows that this statement is a loaded one. Don’t shut him out and not communicate with this cop-out statement.

9. Does this make me look fat? Your husband will NEVER win if he chooses to answer this question or not answer this question! It really is not a fair question at all.

10. Have you done that yet? Nagging your husband about your never-ending “To-Do” list is not cool. He is busy. He may not have the energy to get everything done. Give him a chance to have some time for everything on his own list.

Did I miss anything?

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  • Good list!! I am a person that asks does this make me look fat.. ahahhaha!!! He is very honest and says what outfit looks best :-)!

  • Thanks for the tips. I am probably too oversharing with my Hubs sometimes and need to put a sock in it more!

  • Very good list. I have to watch myself not to nag him to do things. Clearly, he will do them… eventually. LOL And honestly, there’s plenty of things on my own list that I haven’t done, so no one is innocent!!

  • I have to admit, I laughed my way through this list. So true, never say these, but the reaction from most men to these … like on a comedy show on TV! Some people would though, and that’s sad. 🙁

  • Agree wholeheartedly with the “does this make me look fat”? Cause it really is a loaded question. It is impossible for a man to answer that question without making you mad or hurt. So just don’t ask it.

  • Good List! I did just say two of these to my man over the weekend though 🙁

  • I think the only ones I’m guilty of are asking if he has done something or telling him what to do when watching the kids.

  • Oh my! Why couldn’t you have written this years ago? I think I messed up a bit 😉 This was a fun read and seriously good advice!

  • I had a hard time not telling him how to watch the kids when he did, something that has definitely gotten better. Love your list!

  • “Are you sure you are going the right way?” – I have to admit I have said a few of the things on the Never Say list. Eek.

  • Oh goodness, I am guilty of the kids one and nagging if he’s done something yet. This is a great list. Definitely no-no’s in here.

  • Not married but yes on #5 — I hear friends say this to their husband’s and I just ACHE for them. Horrible.

  • I am sorry to say but I have heard everyone of them for 29 years. I am no longer with my ex-wife any longer! I have remarried and found a woman that doesn’t do any of those. PTL!

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