10 Things You Should Do Before You Start Your Week

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Things you should do before you start your week

Monday morning always seems to come way to quickly. Set yourself up for a productive and positive week with a little extra planning and work. You will find that starting your week off right will help it run smoothly all the way to Friday.

1. Prep food. You know you will need to eat. Take a few minutes to prep your families lunches to save you time and stress in the morning.

2. Lay out/Plan your clothes for the week. Make sure that you have the clean clothes you need. Lay out the kids uniforms or let them pick out their outfits for the week. 

3. Plan your meetings. Set up your calendar to work around your scheduled meetings and phone calls. 

4. Go grocery shopping. Make a menu and head to the store to get everything you will need for the week. Don’t make unnecessary runs to the store right before dinner and make the commute home even longer.

5. Coordinate your calendars Check with every family member to make sure that you have every event and appointment on everyone’s calendar. There is nothing more frustrating then not know where you were supposed to be and when.

6. Schedule family time Make a point to find some time when the whole family will be home. Whether it’s a regularly scheduled day or it changes from week to week, it’s important to have family time.

7. Fill up the car with gas. Don’t waste time at the gas station Monday morning. Hop in the car with a full tank ready to go.

8. Meditate on your goals. Visualize what you want to accomplish this week. Think about what will help you get closer to your long term goals. 

9. Do a quick pick up around the house Start off the week de-cluttered. You don’t have to do spring cleaning, but just putting away the general clutter will make a good start to your week.

10. Go to bed early. Start off your week well rested. Getting to be early will make it so much easier to get up early.

What do you do to start your week right?


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