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10 Things You Should Be Saying To Your Husband

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10 things you should say to your husband

1. I am proud of the man you are. Men want a cheerleader! Let your husband know that he makes you proud and you will be telling him that you are proud to be his.

2. You make me a better person just by being with you. Tell your husband that you are better with him than a part from him. 

3. You inspire me to follow my dreams. Seeing your husband work hard inspires you to do the same and go after your dreams. Together you can do so much.

4. Tell your hubby what is attractive about him. We want him to tell us that we are beautiful. Don't forget he wants to know you think he is amazing.

5. You are an amazing dad. If you are blessed with children, let your husband know you appreciate his role as a father in their lives.

6. Thinking of you still gives me goose bumps. You may not be in the puppy love stage anymore, but keep the excitement alive with those little goose bumps.

7. I will always love you. You can't say “I love you” too much. Tell him often and let him know he has your love for always.

8. Thank you for all that you do for me and our children. Men really do feel the pressure of leading and providing for their families. Although, they are not perfect, let your husband know that you really appreciate the work that he does and sacrifices he makes for you and the kids.

9. I am so glad we are together. Tell your man that you are happy you chose him and he chose you. Life isn't always perfect, but you are happy that you are going through life together. 

10. Tell them there is nobody you would ever want to be with other than them and how happy they make you!

Did I forget anything? What else should you be saying to your husband?

This post contains affiliate links.  Please see Disclosure Policy for further information…

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  1. I would first say to the husband,
    Examine yourself honestly, openly and willing to see yourself as a man who is not worthy of these words. Then close your eyes and imagine the man who is worthy of hearing these words from his partner. How does he treat his family and strangers? How does he discipline his children? What type of things does he do for fun? What does he do with the money God blessed him with? Then, ask yourself, do u measure up?
    If not, get yourself to match the image you have of that man!
    After you have done this, you are worthy of this praise. You will find that if you Are worthy of this praise you will not NEED to hear it. Nor will you even seek that attention. You will feel like the richest man on this planet when you hear these words addressed to you!


  2. Awwww, this is a great list. I always try to tell my hubby that he’s handsome. I don’t think he believes me, but I still tell him.

  3. I tell my Hubs a lot of these things, but I suppose you can never say them too often. I need to get on the ball and be a better wife.

  4. Yeah ladies, get to it! What’s wrong with you?! 😉

    j/k – great list. Let’s see one for us guys.

  5. Great thoughtful list. I don’t have anything to add to it. Your husband is a lucky man to have a loving wife like you!

  6. What a wonderful list! I tell my Hubby that I love him everyday and try to always remind him that he is a great dad, person & hubs. When you’re in the thick of your life, day in & out, it’s sometime easy to take for granted the person you love the most.

  7. I tell my husband every day that I love him, but will definitely add some of these in the future. 🙂

  8. I love all of these and I know I need to do this more often. My husband really is the best and I should remind him of that daily.

  9. Not a day goes by that my husband and I don’t tell eachother we love one another. Actually, multiple times a day. Almost 17 years in, me and him. <3

  10. These are excellent ways to express your feelings, and a great reminder to do it more often! My husband and I leave little notes for each other when our schedules are opposite each other. I’m going to include some of these in my “love notes” starting tomorrow!!

  11. i stopped to saying like these things. Sometimes, i want to hear them firstly from him. Now, none of us hardly never says and hears them.

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