10 Things You Need To Say To Your Kids Right Now

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10Things your kids


We often get busy with running to and from school, doctors appointments, grocery stores, activities, sports, work, and everything else it takes to keep our household running that we forget how important our words are. I am all for healthy activities and keeping busy with a full life, but we often forget the little people growing up in front of us need to hear more words from us. They need us to stop and look them in the eyes, put our arms around them and show them how much they mean to us and hear us say it out loud too!

Here are 10 things you need to say to your kids right now…

1. I love you. I hope you said it to them yesterday. Say it to them again today. Over and over and over.

2. I am proud of you. Let them know that they make you proud. Tell them specifically what it is about them that makes you proud of them.

3. You make me happy just being you. Assure your children that they don’t have to be anyone else to make you happy. You are happy that they are your kid!

4. It’s okay to cry and be upset. Kids are still learning what to do with emotions. Remind them that those emotions are normal and that’s okay.

5. You are unique. And that is awesome. Being different is something to be celebrated.

6. Thank you for helping. Thank your child for the things that they do around the house. Let them know that you notice what they do. Maybe they will in return notice all that you do for them.

7. I am always here for you. No matter what, you will be there. You will listen, you will care. Even if they are not ready to talk, you will be ready to listen.

8. I support you when you decide to “Go For It!” Even children can be afraid to try new things. Let them know that when they decide they are ready, you will be their biggest cheerleader and support them the whole way.

9. You can be anything you want to be! Even though your child may change his mind three times a day of who they want to be when they grow up, encourage them to dream big and to believe that they can attain those dreams. There are no limits.

10. Keep working hard! You can do it! Some things take time and practice. Don’t let your child give up. Cheer them on. Let them know that if they keep working hard they will see results. Believe in them and their ability to learn and grow.

What did I forget? What else do our kids need to hear from us?

Heather Reese
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  • I love this list. I always make it a point to tell my kids that I am proud of them and they can do anything they set their minds to.

  • Truer words have never been said! Kids need to know you love them, especially when you get mad at them. THey will remember this as they get older.

  • This is a great list! It is so easy to forget that our kids need encouragement like this. Thank you for the reminder.

  • This is a very sweet post. My son may not talk back yet, but he certainly knows when we are being loving and sweet to him.

  • I definitely do these! I always am telling my kids that I love them and they are special. I am a hugger too!!

  • Love your list! I’ve said these things to my kids for years and I think it’s made them better people.

  • I definitely agree with all of these. When my parents tell me they’re proud of me for something, I feel amazing.

  • I find that complimenting your kids before they do something helps them make better choices. For example when my son is headed in to play with his sister I will stop him and tell him I love him and what great brother he is and thank him for being kind and sharing with his sister. Positive reinforcement in advance!

  • All of these things are things kids need to here NOW and FOREVER. They need to know that when the rest of the world turns it’s back, and it will at somepoint, we wont.

  • I love your list and I think you covered about everything. I’m always going to remember this!

  • I agree with all of these. I never go a day, not even an hour, without telling my little girl how much I love her and how special she is. It’s SO important to remind ourselves that our children need praise and love consistently.

  • Many of these ideas are over my toddler’s head, but I love you and a hug will always ring true.

  • I think sometimes we forget just how little our kids really are, myself included. I find myself saying several of these things to my daughters, and these are GREAT reminders too.

  • What a great list! I think it is important to remember those every day–some time it is easy to get lost in the day-to-day chaos.

  • I know that my daughter likes to hear that she is cute and funny, too. She spends a lot of time picking out outfits, fixing her hair and trying to do things that make us laugh. 🙂

  • Our words have power and we need tomcat good things to our children all day every day.

  • We try to offer encouragement all the time. I tell my kids at least a dozen times a day that I love them. I cherish each day as if it was my last, so I always let my family know how I feel about them.

  • Number 7 has been a topic in our house lately. My 4 year old has started asking each night “Will you always be here to keep me safe?” and I always answer with a big smile and “Absolutely! That’s my job.”

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