10 Things For Easy Spring Cleaning

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With spring in full swing I am totally feeling the calling of getting some deep cleaning done… but what about the days when I just want to clean up but don’t have hours to dedicate to the cause? After I started using the new Shark Rocket I was inspired to share some other quick tips that I use to clean up during the springtime. 

1. A little dish soap and water can clean most any delicate surface in your home. Wash walls, blot stains on fabric furniture, silk flowers, carpets, and more.

2. White distilled vinegar is a classic and clean disinfectant and cleaner. Mix 4 cups vinegar to 1-gallon warm water and use on most surfaces, floors, and fixtures.

3. Use newspapers to clean. Wad up newspaper to clean windows and leave them streak free.

 4. Use baking soda to safely scrub laminate tile, ceramic, stovetops and more. Baking soda is very cheap and works wonders on working through tough stains and scuff marks. Make a paste using a little water and scrub mark with a sponge or rag. Wipe up baking soda with warm water.

5. Replace the smoke detector batteries. Keep your home safe. It is recommended that you change the batteries in your smoke detectors every six months.


6. Dust the light bulbs. Light bulbs build up dust and can leave the room feeling dark. Use a soft microfiber cloth to carefully dust the unscrewed light bulb.

7. Use a pillowcase to dust ceiling fan blades. Open the pillowcase and slide over the blade of the fan. Pull the dust into the pillowcase. Turn inside out to empty. This will keep the dust from getting in your eyes.

8. Empty out your refrigerator completely. Wipe all surfaces and throw out any old or expired food.

9. Vacuum your curtains. Attach the extension to your vacuum and use it to reach up and get the dust that has collected at the top of your curtains. I’ve been using my Shark Rocket for this!

10. Don’t forget the doormat. This is the first thing your guests will see when entering your home. Shake it out, spray it down, clean it!


I’ve been using the Shark Rocket for almost a month now and I love it! Did you know that some vacuums can actually release half of the dust they vacuum up back into the air? If there is anything I despise more it is wasting time cleaning. Spring cleaning this year was so efficient and fast because of the Shark Rocket. This ultra-light vacuum allowed to me to vacuum every nook and cranny in my house, as well as reach up to the high places around my home that I am usually unable to reach. This vacuum may be compact and light, but it can take on every job imaginable. Don’t be afraid to use it every day and pull it out for the big jobs, like Spring Cleaning, and the little jobs too!


The Rocket Booster Pack comes with all sorts of tools that will give you even more efficiency and power when using the Shark Rocket. These tools give you the ability to use the powerful suction of the Rocket vacuum in some very specific ways. Such as under appliances, special dusting tools, flexible wands, and extensions. The Rocket transitions seamlessly from the floor to the ceiling. I am not just moving dust around. I am trapping it! 

I’ve been cleaning drapes and the couches with it, but also under the beds! As you can see in the picture my kids have also gotten in on the action. This is the perfect size for everyone in the family {except the 4-year-old… just had to say that} to use. It’s lighter in weight and slim. I love how I can get corners cleaned with it too! 

What is your favorite spring cleaning tip?

Heather Reese
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  • HA! My vacuum just broke today and I have to get one ASAP. I have never even heard of this brand but it truly sounds perfect for my hardwood floors in the whole house! YAY! thanks.

  • Man, this looks way better than my Shark Navigator! I totally want one now!!

  • So, the newspapers don’t leave ink all over? That’s so interesting!! You have some great tips and this vacuum looks awesome!

  • Those are great cleaning tips to help make sure you don’t miss anything. I love shark. My MIL has one of their vacuums and it is amazing.

  • You forgot #11 – Have your daughter do the cleaning! 😉

    We just got the Shark Rocket, and LOVE it!!

  • Replacing smoke detector batteries is so important! We learned that from an almost-fire this year.

  • Thanks for the great tips! I am moving at the end of the month, so spring cleaning will be in full swing then!

  • We use vinegar on everything… but I have to say I feel kinda dumb because I never thought about vacuuming my curtains. What a great idea. Thanks so much

  • These are some great cleaning tips. People always forget light bulbs, so thanks for mentioning that one. And that vacuum sounds awesome!

  • This sounds like it will be good for my asthma. I like that it can clean the couch too.

  • I use cleaners to a degree, but love my Norwex cloths that just need water, too. I need to get spring cleaning under way although it’s hard to do it when snow just fell again.

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