10 Thing To Know Before Buying A New Computer

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Things to know before buying a computer

Have you been considering purchasing a new computer or laptop? Computers have become a part of our daily lives. Many of us use computers every day in our careers & business. I use my laptop every single day! It can be quite overwhelming when trying to decide which computer is right for you. Before you buy your new computer consider these 10 things.

1. Budget. You need to know what your budget is BEFORE you start looking. Computers aren’t cheap. Knowing how much you have to spend will give you the liberty to look at computers within your budget.

2. Goals. Think about what you will be using this computer for. What is the purpose of purchasing this computer? Is this for business or pleasure or both? Knowing your goals for your computer will help make the decision easier.

3.. Desktop or Laptop. Decide which would be the most useful for you. A desktop and laptop can offer several different benefits. Do you prefer to work directly from your desk? Or do you create your best work from your couch and bed? Your goals & budget will also help decide this for you as well.

4. New or Refurbished. You can save some cash by purchasing a refurbished computer. Many times they come with the same warranties as a new one. Consider this option when looking at computers.

5. Mac. vs. PC.  Of course, for some, this is a heated debate. Consider if you the programs you use the most are compatible with Mac or PC. Which are you most comfortable using? Go into a Mac store or store that sells PCs and play around on a store model to get a feel of it.

6. Hard drive & Memory. For the average person, just know that bigger is better in most cases.

7. Service. What kind of warranty will come with your computer? The average person will need help with troubleshooting problems or fixing issues that arise. Computers do not last forever. Consider the warranties offered and possibly choosing an extended warranty on the product you choose. 

8. Accessories. You can blow your budget on accessories. Be sure to consider carefully each accessory you purchase. Make sure you really need it before you purchase it.

9. Virus and Spyware package. You need to protect your computer once it is home. Make sure to set yourself up with a good Virus & spyware package.

10. Internet. You will need a good modem in your computer to make sure that your internet connection is strong. Nothing is more frustrating than a slow internet.

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  • I have always had PC’s, so I think next time I am going for a Mac.

  • I’m a Mac girl and I know there is still so much I don’t know about my lap top. Great tips! I have a friend who is in the market for her next computer. I’ll have to share your blog post with her.

  • I am a Mac convert, for SURE. I am definitely part of the heated Mac vs PC debate because I used to be hardcore into the PC side of things, haha. I’ll never go back to PCs after purchasing a Mac though. Worth every last penny!

  • Great list of things to know before buying. I always go with HP. I tried a Sony Vaio once and hated it’s guts. I loathed that thing. Now, my husband is the proud owner of said thing whose guts I hate – and I own another new HP. Go mee!

  • Budget is big for me. When I was trying to buy a new laptop last fall, so many people were recommending a certain one to me, but I said it was over my budget. They kept insisting that it was so worth it, I should just splurge, but my budget was my budget!

  • Ah! I wish I had known this about a month ago. I bought a new laptop, liked it in the store, but when I got home to edit photos did not seem as crisp and clear. I tried to talk to Best Buy, but they refused to return it. Now I’m stuck with an expensive laptop that I’m not in love with.

  • im a PC girl. i hear mac’s are great but i have so many friends who have had things go bad- even just USB ports- that are several hundred dollars to buy replacements for- never mind installing them. not sure it’s worth it.

  • I own a Mac right now and I love it! I always was a PC girl but now I’m obsessed with Macs. My husband is still a die hard PC guy though!

  • What you want to accomplish with the computer is the most important. You don’t want to buy the wrong tool for the job, and there is no reason to spend extra cash on features that you will never use.

  • Great tips! My husband actually bought my last computer for a Christmas present when my old one bit the dust. I didn’t get to pick it out, but it was thoughtful of him.

  • I wish I did my research before I bought a laptop last year. It’s very lightweight but it is so slow. I also hate Windows 8!

  • Doing your research is so important. Thanks for these tips! You want to make an informed decision when you are spending a lot of money on something.

  • I really do need to upgrade my laptop very soon. I am running low on memory now. I have ben considering MAC but unsure

  • I’m most definitely a PC kinda girl! I unfortunately had to buy myself a new computer when my old one just crashed on me after only 2 years of use 🙁 It was an expensive purchase but I implemented many of these tips to help the process along!

  • We just purchased our MacBook Air and I am in love! My hubby asked the FB world about their opinions- always good to get “from personal experience” feedback!

  • I have a Mac and a PC and now I need a new desktop and I’m arguing with myself about what to get. It’s a fight over dollars.

  • These are great tips! My computer is really running slow and I’d love to get a new one! Thanks for sharing!

  • we bought a new one in Dec and I went back to a desktop. I hate that the battery and cord is constantly having to be replaced on our laptops.

  • Great tips!! We have had iPhones since 2009 – you’d think we would go for a Mac.. but I just can’t.. LOL

  • I bought a Mac and its been two years an I haven’t even begun to unlock all the cool things I could do. I was scared at first however I love my Mac. Its different but I am now loyal to Mac’s lol

  • Thankfully I won a laptop recently, and I have a few more years before I’ll have to replace it and make the decision -sometimes I think computer shopping is more stressful then car shopping, especially as a blogger! Thanks for all the computer shopping tips!

  • I’m not looking forward to the day that I need to replace my laptop. I have purchased other electronics that were refurbished and have had really good luck with them. Sometimes they are even better as the company really makes sure there aren’t any flaws. only 1 out of so many get checked for quality control when it comes to new ones. i never really thought of accessories, but you’re right, they do add up.

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