10 Things You Must Know To Have A Happy Marriage

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10 Things You Must Know

1. Men and women are not alike at all. They think, speak, dream and plan differently. Don’t expect your partner to be or think like you. 

2.  If you want or need something tell them. Don’t hint at it or expect them to somehow know.

3. You will both be strong at different times. This is one of the best gifts you both will get.

4. Pick your battles carefully. Side with whoever it’s more important to. If she really wants green walls in the bathroom and you can live with them go with the green walls.

5. Words can not be taken back once they are said. Be very careful what you say to each other. 

6. You will be tested. Not in the big ways that you think, but in everyday living. Always choose each other’s best interests.

7. Spend time together alone. It’s hard making time, but making each other a priority will strengthen your bond.

8.  Say I love you to your partner at least 5 times a day and mean it, even when times are tough.

9. Be positive when talking about each other. It never feels good to have your faults constantly pointed out by someone you love. Be careful even when venting to friends. 

10. Touch often. A hug and a kiss go a long way. Physical contact connects us on deep levels.

Heather Reese
the authorHeather Reese
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