10 Things You Must Know For Potty Training Success

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Potty Training is a Big job! It can be a simple transition or a long battle with your child. There is a lot of advice and resources out there. But I have found that some simple advice to know before you start training to set you and your child up for success. One thing is for sure… Potty Training is a big accomplishment and should be Celebrated!!!

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1. There is no “magic” potty training age. Each child is special and unique. Just because my first child was ready at 24 months doesn’t mean that my third baby is ready at the same age. Don’t stress about the age of your child. 

2. Expose your child to the bathroom a LOT. Take them to the bathroom with you. Let them sit on the toilet. Feel the toilet paper. Cheer them on when they show interest in what to do in that “special” room.

3. Give them a special Potty or Seat. Show them that they have something special just for them to use in the bathroom. Build excitement about the special seat just for them.

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4. Read Potty Books with them or let them “Play” with stuffed animals or dolls going potty. Hands on learning and visual play can really help children to learn a new concept. 

5. Purchase Pull-Ups before beginning training. The Pull-Ups with Disney Character prints were of course our favorites! There is something special about being able to pull up and down your own pants and “do it on your own” for a child.

6. Set a timer. Part of potty training a child is training yourself to ask them to go. Set a timer and make a practice of trying to go every 20-40 minutes. This will also help them to get used to sitting on the potty.

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7. Be positive. Sometimes potty training can become frustrating. Maybe they just aren’t getting it. Or you have cleaned up the 5th accident of the day… We can all get worn down. Keep negative comments to yourself.

8. Have treats and surprises. Gather some small toys, stickers, or treats for rewards for them. 

9. Let them know you are proud. Let your child know how proud you are of them and how excited you are that they are getting big.

10. Join the Pull-Ups Big Kid Academy. Pull-Ups wants you to know you and your child are not alone in the potty training journey. The Academy has so many thing to help you an motivate your child! From a getting started guide with tons of tips to exclusive offers and tons of fun! 

What advice would you add to this list?

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  • These are all such great tips. I am so glad I’m past this phase in my life though LOL.

  • Adorable pull-ups. I never had to go through this not having children, but these seem to be great tips. I love the influence of potty-training books!

  • I wish more people realized that just because a baby turns 24 months doesn’t mean they are ready for potty training. My son is still working in it at 27 months.

  • I wish more people realized that just because a baby turns 24 months doesn’t mean they are ready for potty training. My son is still working in it at 27 months.

  • These are great tips. When my son was potty training we took him to the bathroom like clockwork. Sometimes he went; sometimes he didn’t, but he got the idea.

  • I really lucked out when it came to potty training. My daughter got wet one time, and that was it. Dodged a bullet on that one.

  • The best advice that I was ever given was to have someone else do it… lol. We live by the fact that there is no magic age! I’m currently potty training my almost 3 year old and my 1 1/2 year old at the same time!

  • Great tips… we always had a treat jar… one for number ones and one for number twos. Seemed to really get the kids excited. They also loved having their own potty!

  • I had started potty training last month for the third time and my youngest still wasn’t ready. I am going to try again during Christmas break. It is true there is no magic age. I keep telling Grandma to stop comparing them since my older son was trained at 2.

  • Our biggest issue is the public restrooms. My son is now 5 and still refuses to use them. I can’t say I blame him but it does make it difficult.

  • The science of potty training is thin; parents have to figure out how to ditch the diapers on their own. It’s great to be positive about the training and parents would need to be very patient.

  • Great tips! We’ve got 2 down and 1 to go with the whole potty training thing….

  • I think once they are up and walking, it would be nice to expose them to potty training though we shouldn’t pressure them as well as it takes time. It would become a habit much easier for them.

  • This is how I potty train my niece over the summer. She loves Dora and the app made it easy for her to sit down and click when she was down. I wish this was around when I was potty training my son 24 years ago.

  • Great post for those who are going through the potty training stage. Pull-up is what I used on my youngest. Thanks for sharing.

  • Well, being as I’ve already raised four on my own… two girls and two boys… I really think I should know what I’m doing by now, and those children gave me 10 more children that… well, I helped with those ten babies rest assured, and my great grandson is due October 22nd. So I guess you might almost say I”m a pretty good expert at these things. ~giggle~

  • It’s important not to push… children have to be ready. My son actually decided on the 2nd day of going to daycare that he’d be officially potty trained. We took him to the bathroom and did all sorts of tricks, but he decided when he wanted to stop wetting the bed, which was at 3.

  • My son is 3.5 and still having trouble with potty training. He usually has at least one accident every day, typically not more but usually one, sometimes 2, and only had one or two accident free days. I take him on regular intervals and they take him at his preschool, but if he has to go in between taking him, he won’t speak up and tell us. He talks so I’m not sure why he won’t speak up. He’s also never pooped in the toilet. He knows poop goes in the toilet as we have discussed it, but he seems scared to poop in it, even though he now has no problem going pee. I hope he overcomes this fear soon, but for now the best I can do for him is to give him all the support and encouragement that I can.

  • My 2.5year old girl has been practicing for about a year now. Her desire to “tee tee in the potty” comes and goes. Sometimes it is great and wonderful, other times it is like I am torturing her just to make the suggestion! I have tried praising her, clapping for her, M&Ms, peanuts, stickers, candy. All of the above. I started out rewarding her for simply trying, but she has started working the system lately and will just go sit on the potty and then ask for a sticker. I have had to stop that and now she only gets a reward for actually tee teeing. Something needs to work SOON!

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