10 Things You Can Do To Burn Extra Calories

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Things you can do to burn extra calories

Hopefully, you already have an established exercise routine in your life. If you are looking to burn a few extra calories in the day, you may find that everyday tasks can help you whittle down those calories. Pick up the pace in everyday chores and routines to give yourself a little energy boost and burn away the extra calories.

1. Do housework. Cleaning your house can help you burn calories. Try to use both hands when cleaning to burn even more.

2. Work in the yard Mow the lawn. Pull weeds. 

3. Play with your kids. Wrestle on the floor, play tag, push them on the swing, tickle them to death!

4. Get extra sleep. You burn calories when you sleep. Get some extra shut eye and burn some calories.

5. Take the stairs. Don’t take the escalator or elevator. Jog up the stairs for more of a burn

6. Park far away. Going to the store? Park out in the boonies and walk to the door. 

7. Drink more Drinking causes your body to burn calories. Put your drink on ice and burn even more.

8. Walk and Talk When you are on the phone pace the room or walk outside. Don’t just sit and chat. Get moving.

9. Laugh. Laughing burns calories. Tell a joke. Watch a comedy. Smile and laugh.

10. Cook your own food. You not only eat healthier but the time on your feet spent cooking and cleaning up will burn a few extra calories.

What is your favorite way to burn extra calories? 

Heather Reese
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  • What a great list!
    Thanks for this, I need to incorporate more of these things more often.
    I guess laughing at the TV is not the calorie burner I think it is though!

  • Yard work and walking are both favorites of mine. I walked a mile this evening because I wasn’t able to get in a “proper” workout today.

  • I like to also have special cuddles with my husband 😉

    I cannot sit and talk on the phone. I get all confused !!

  • This is a really great list! It’s the little things that we do during our day that add up. I love taking my dog on walks.

  • I always “walk and talk” when my girlfriends call. I used to sit down and have a whole convo for an hour but learned that I could utilize that time and get extra exercise.

  • I love to dance! It doesn’t have to be out in the club either, if I have good music or a song that comes on the radio I’ll break it down right there in the kitchen, in the laundry room, or even in the street taking a walk 🙂

  • Thanks for these great tips! I’ve been trying to drink more water AND sleep more. Have to admit being a blogger makes sleeping a bit hard – too many great blogs to read (Like yours!), too little time!

  • I always make sure if I’ve got a few minutes I run up and down the stairs a few times. I figure a quick 5 times up and down is a quick 50 calories burned. 🙂

  • I often wonder how many calories I burn just chasing after my wild 2-year old. Also, I must burn a ton of calories just doing house work. I wonder how many miles I walk in a day just cleaning and going room to room.

  • I love to laugh! It just feels good! It’s a bonus that it burns calories.

  • This is a great list to burn extra calories. I have about 20-30 more lbs to lose so every extra calorie burned is a good thing.

  • I do most of these things except sleep! I need to sleep more. Not only will it make me feel better, but apparently, it also burns calories. I am going to bed early tonight, for sure.

  • I always forget how much of a workout yard work is! I also always try to take the stairs whenever they’re available. Great list!

  • I would add nursing your baby! I always burn extra when I’ve been breastfeeding my babies! 🙂

  • Who knew you could burn calories sleeping? That is definitely one I can get on board with!

  • These are all easy things to do – especially laughing! But then again, I don’t feel much like laughing when I am busy with housework. I suppose then it’s an either-or situation 😉

  • Thanks for the reminder that burning extra calories doesn’t have to be hard and can be done doing everyday things!

  • Those are some really good ideas. I can’t do anything with my legs right now, but can with my arms. also extra sleep sounds like a good thing to me.

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