10 Things Women Need To Know About Men

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10 Things Women Need To Know About Men 

1. Men are not multi-taskers.  they focus on one thing before starting another. Don't expect them to be like a female that can do many things at the same time. It's not fair to either of you.

2. Men are simple minded. Not in a derogatory way, but in a way that if they say they are happy they genuinely are. Take them for what they say.

3. Men are visual and often will “look” at other women. Don't take it personally, it's not.

4. Men are results driven. They are hard wired to focus on providing for their families. Support them in their efforts.

5. Men feel the burden of being the provider in the family. It may seem like we have made progress to equal burden in the family between husband and wife. But men still take the weight of that responsibility very seriously.

6. Men would rather be unloved than feel disrespected. Men want to be respected. Especially by the woman in their lives. Disrespect is high on their dislike list.

7. Men are just big kids. Not necessarily all the time, but they do enjoy letting loose and having fun. Come on, sports events, concerts, WWE… Acting like a big kid is a way of escaping the pressures of life.

8. Men don't take hints. Men don't skirt around issues or give subtle hints. They usually hit things head on. So, when women try to talk in this foreign language of subtlety, they just don't get it.

9. Men want to be the hero. Men really love to be the strong guy that comes in to save the day. There is a reason for the superhero obsession when they are little kids. 

10. Men want a woman who is positive.  Let's face it, we all know that men can't stand women who nag them constantly. They want a woman who can see the positive side of life and lifts him up as well as the situation they are in. 

What did I forget?

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