10 Things to do on Family Fun Night

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Spending time together as a family is so important. It seems everyone in the family, {even the little ones} have extremely busy schedules. It can be hard to even sit down at the table for dinner at night. Our family schedules time together on purpose. It is important to keep our family strong and it is one of the highlights of my week! Let me share with you some of my families favorite things to do on Family Fun Night.

1. The Classic Board Game Night Pull out all the old board games or go and purchase a new one to try. Keep track of the reigning winner and have a special prize or trophy for them to hold on to until the next board game challenge.

2. Fun in the Kitchen Get the whole family in the kitchen cooking. You don’t all have to be in the kitchen at once if you have a smaller kitchen. Divvy up the meal courses and make some memories cooking and eating together.

3. Movie Night Shake up your movie nights by building a big fort on the floor or making a special snack. You could also have a family memory movie night and watch old family videos.

4. Go for a Walk Spend time outside with your family. Whether you are taking a walk through your neighborhood or exploring a new trail, the fresh outdoors is a great place to bond. Be sure to ban cell phones from coming out of pockets except in emergencies.

5. Explore Downtown There are some real gems and special places to be found in your local city in the downtown blocks. Whether you live in a big or little city, check out those little hole in the wall, mom & pop places. You just might find a new favorite.

6. Catch a Free Concert or Event If you haven’t taken advantage of free concerts and events in your local area, you are missing out! Free family fun is waiting. Check your city website to find a list of upcoming events.

7. Volunteer Spend time together as a whole family volunteering. Whether at a retirement home or Meals on Wheels. Give back to your community and teach your children the power of giving.

8. Craft Get your craft on with the whole family! Pinterest is just packed full of ideas. Grab some supplies and have fun creating together.

9. Play Sports Challenge other families to a friendly game of kickball or softball. Join a team together as a family and learn even more teamwork.

10. Create a Family Fun Jar One of the best ways to make family night successful is to allow your children to be involved. Decorate a jar and allow the kids to write down activities they would like to do and draw one at random for a night of fun. 


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